‘Below Deck’ Star Captain Lee Rips Into Ashton Pienaar For Making ‘Sexual Advances’ On Kate Chastain & Trying To Beat Her Up!

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Ashton Pienaar

Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck is weighing in on the latest drama involving Ashton Pienaar and Kate Chastain’s van fight.

Ashton Pienaar landed on the captain’s hit list after recent episodes featured Ashton drunk and behaving violent towards chief stew, Kate Chastain. Kate was so disturbed by the incident that she exited the boat in the middle of the night without notifying Captain Lee Rosbach. This left the captain feeling confused and frustrated when Kate was not on the boat the next morning.

“I have no idea who or what you think you are doing. This story line with you getting black out drunk and misbehaving is getting really old,” Captain Lee wrote in his Bravo blog. “Over a thousand dollars damage caused by your behavior at the beach club and then make unwanted sexual advances on a superior, yeah, I said that, check your epaulettes, and then you try to physically attack her, and then you don’t even remember any of it. I don’t know but I really sense a problem here.”

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Captain Lee Rosbach was perturbed with Ashton Pienaar’s reaction to the van drama the next day.

“You stated that you were going to be the bigger person and apologize but I didn’t get the sense that you thought you really should have. But the offended party, Kate, came to the wheelhouse, took the heat, and not once did she attempt to throw you under the bus. Even though you thoroughly deserved it. No, she covered for your ass. Then you have the gall to say, ‘when you were younger you had a temper’. News flash Ashton, you still have a temper, especially when you get black out drunk.”

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Captain Lee also addressed Ashton Pienaar treatment of deckhand, Rhylee Gerber.

“As far as the fishing trip, Rhylee did what she was supposed to do, with absolutely no help from you. You weren’t part of the team, you just sat back and hoped that Rhylee would fail so you could toss her under the bus and say, see I told you she wouldn’t work out. Well lets just see how that works out for you. I am sorely disappointed in you and your behavior so far. My only hope is that you can turn it around, but I’m not counting on it.”

He wishes Kate Chastain had notified him about the incident.

“Kate, my only issue is that you didn’t let me know when you left or a note or something so I would know you were ok,” he shared. “Now that I see why you left; I really wish you would have let me know what was going on so I could have dealt with it. And I certainly would have dealt with it quickly and firmly to say the least. You showed a great deal of class by not tossing Ashton under the bus that he would’ve been deserving of.”

The captain also addressed Ashton Pienaar manipulating the rest of the men on the crew against Kate Chastain and Rhylee Gerber.

“Brian, not much to say. I’m really shocked that you just keep eating from the bowl of bs that Ashton keeps feeding you and Tanner about Kate and Rhylee,” Rosbach wrote. “The fishing trip was not all that one sided at all, but you immediately jumped on Rhylee without having all the facts. I’m surprised at you.”

Captain Lee recently tweeted that things would have been “totally” different had he known about what went down in the van that night. “They were all wrong, just plain wrong on so many levels,” Captain Lee said on Twitter of how Ashton, Tanner Sterback, and Brian de Saint Pern acted after the incident.

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