Dorit Kemsley Speaks Out and Blames Lisa Vanderpump For Dog Drama!

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After Tuesday’s explosive season 9 premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Dorit Kemsley and her former pet are in the hot seat.

The mom of two is now speaking out over the botched adoption that is causing major drama!

“We rescued a dog at the Vanderpump Dogs rescue center. She wasn’t the right fit for the family and after some time and a lot of consideration, we found a beautiful home for her.” Dorit Kemsley tells Access Hollywood. “So, she went to this home and then ultimately ended up in a shelter. And that is where the whole conversation starts,” Dorit rehashes her sit-down with Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd during the season premiere.

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According to the reality starlet the dog is in a new home and ‘fine.’

“Lucy was always fine. Nothing ever happened to her. She still is fine. She’s with a new home,” she confirmed.

Dorit , 42, goes into detail about what led to her giving the ‘biting’ pooch away.

“Lucy, she was a hyper, very nervous dog and she was biting the kids and my husband,” Dorit explained. “I have to consider my children’s safety, always, and at the point that the dogs are biting the kids face, I had to make the right decision for the family.”

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In regards to the fractured friendship between with Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards, Dorit blames the fallout on Lisa’s ‘poor choices.’ 

“I think you have to tune in and you have to see it because it really is a story that unfolds,” she explained. “It’s not an easy story. There’s a lot of detail, there’s complications and there’s ebbs and flows. I think Lisa made some poor choices and I think that ultimately, there were some things she was called out on.”

Watch the interview below.

As reported, Lisa Vanderpump and Dorit’s falling out stems from Dorit adopting two dogs from Lisa Vanderpump’s rescue organization, Vanderpump Dog Foundation. The first dog was returned back to Lisa’s rescue organization but the second dog ended up in a kill shelter and Lisa Vanderpump was not notified by Dorit. Dorit claims the pup was violent and bit her son, Phoenix, forcing her to give the chihuahua to another family, who in turn, took the dog to a shelter.

Twitter weighed in on the dog drama after last week’s heated premiere and many called out Dorit for mishandling the situation.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays, at 9:00 pm EST, on Bravo.


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