‘Teen Mom 2’ Nathan Griffith Reveals Graphic Child Abuse Photos of Son Kaiser!

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The Season 9 premiere of Teen Mom 2 kicked off with a hardcore round of child abuse allegations made by Nathan Griffith, on Monday night.

Back in July, Nathan revealed a dark reality for his 4-year-old son and refused to return Kaiser,4, to his mother, Jenelle Evans, despite an existing court agreement. Nathan accused step-daddy David Eason of abusing Kaiser.

Jenelle Evans & David Eason Taunt Nathan After Getting Son Kaiser Back Amid Abuse Claims!

After the MTV reality series aired Monday night, Nathan shared graphic photos of bruises on Kaiser’s bottom, which he claims are switch marks made by David Eason. “Cut the truth! No one, no magazine and no sponsor wants to publish this because of guidelines. Bruise? Or bruises? Water slide right? My son told me that he got hit by a stick. Recently, David broke his cell phone with a hammer? “Kaiser said” Nathan’s tweet captioned.


In another tweet, Nathan challenged MTV to expose unedited footage of Jenelle’s neglect. “@MTV please stop playing an innocent bystander. Editing is hell. This is my son. My pride and joy. Tons of unedited pill bottles, alcohol bottle, neglect, and indecent conversations are film around children. It shows nothing but greed. People love resolutions and a happy ending.”

According to Nathan, he found bruises on Kaiser during a July visit and refused to return the toddler to his mother and her alleged violent husband, David. Nathan called 911 and pleaded with the police for their assistance.

As previously reported, Nathan’s mother, Doris Davidson, filed an emergency order for temporary full custody of Kaiser in September 2017. In court documents filed with North Carolina’s New Hanover County, Davidson levied a litany of shocking claims against the reality mom.

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Teen Mom 2 airs Monday nights, on MTV, at 9:00 p.m. EST.


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