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‘Married to Medicine’ Newbie Dr. Jarrett Supports Mariah Huq While Shading Quad Over Malicious Drug Accusations!

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Married to Medicine newcomer and Atlanta dentist, Dr. Jarrett Manning, shared some heartfelt words of support for her friend, Mariah Huq.

On Wednesday, Dr. Jarrett Instagrammed photos of Mariah and Dr. Jarrett’s daughter together with the caption, “I just wanna take a moment to give a special shout out to my girl, my friend @iluvmariah. Listen friend, as the song goes, “if you ain’t got no haters you ain’t popping.” Well it’s so obvious that you are definitely popping sis!” after fellow co-star, Quad Webb-Lunceford, accused Mariah Huq of drug use during the explosive Season 6 Married to Medicine Reunion.

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She continued: “Well it’s so obvious that you are definitely popping sis! I admire your strength and resilience. You are beyond creative. You are at the top of your game, and the world is going to be amazed at all that you have in store.”

Dr. Jarrett cheered the Bravo beauty — while tossing shade at the executive producer’s reunion adversary, Quad Webb-Lunceford.

“There’s no need for you to address anything. Evil comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. It even comes in the form of bad lace fronts and closures #catch. There’s no need to prove yourself to those that have no credibility(credibility’s been shot). The burden of proof is on them. Baby the thirst is real. As an adult, if plots, schemes, and tricks are you’re thing, perhaps you’re simply no longer relevant. #growup”

She ended her post with more sisterly support for her friend.

“Mariah I’ve known you for several years now. You’ve been a great friend. The Landrums love and appreciate you. @addisynoliviagrace @drwill_md and I ride for you. Keep giving us the best of you! Ignore the baseless claims. Keep curving the haters, and always give them something to talk about. Love ya chic!”

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Dr. Jarrett popped into the Married to Medicine narrative this season — giving the Atlanta pro the inside scoop.

What do you think of Dr. Jarrett’s boost of support — delivered with a side of shade?


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