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Heavenly Kimes Attacks Mariah Huq’s Husband and Kids “F*ck Her Kids!”

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Heavenly Kimes and Mariah Huq

Gone Too Far!

Dr. Heavenly Kimes is best known for making vulgar jabs but she hit below the belt in a recent comment about Mariah Huq’s deceased father, mother, husband and her kids. 

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On Monday, the dentist responded to a fan inquiring why does she attack Mariah’s mother when she gets angry.  In response Heavenly Kimes wrote, “she broke a glass! Fu$& her mother, her daddy and her kids!!”

Heavenly’s vile remark about Mariah’s family is just the latest attack in a long series of incidents that Mariah Huq has had to endure throughout many seasons of Married to Medicine.

During a recent episode, the Married to Medicine cast journeyed to Antigua and a fight broke out between Mariah and Heavenly. Heavenly flew into a rage and launched a brutal boozed-fueled attack on Mariah and her mother.

“Heavenly was drunk and used Mariah asking Quad a simple question to try and fight Mariah. She has been wanting to fight Mariah since Mariah outed Damon’s cheating.” A source explains to

Heavenly’s husband, Dr. Damon Kimes also jumped into the fray and attempted to fight Mariah’s husband, Dr. Aydin Huq

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Throughout the history of the show, Dr. Heavenly has insulted Mariah’s mother unprovoked. 

During a therapy session aired in season 6, Heavenly, 50, admitted her anger towards Mariah, 40, is misguided and intended for Heavenly’s estranged sister, whom she claims resembles Mariah Huq

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