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Outraged Fans Launch Change Dot Org Petition to Get Quad Webb-Lunceford FIRED From ‘Married To Medicine’

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Quad Webb-Lunceford

Crashed Married to Medicine couple, Dr. Gregory Lunceford and Quad Webb-Lunceford’s divorce is pending — so should Quad remain on a cast minus her married-to-med cred?

Lots of fans say no way!

EXCLUSIVE: Quad Webb-Lunceford Cheated on Husband with Mariah Huq’s Brother-In-Law & Got Her Ass Kicked!

The Bravo reality hit chronicles the lives of professionals operating within the Atlanta medical community. Viewers have been sounding off — calling on Bravo to show Quad the door, because of the split from her psychiatrist hubby.

Facebook fans chimed in on the cast controversy — calling out the obvious issue with Quad’s awkward new position.

“Well, I guess the question would be what would quad’s next storyline be? We already did the dog clothes thing, she got into wit Mariah like 20 million times and we don’t need sister circle. Js”

Quad has to go!”

“She should be gone for taking the sleep number bed!!! Quad is boring and looks down her nose at everyone. Good riddance”

“She’s no longer “married to medicine.” It’s a no brainer. Adios, muchacha!”

Quad came under fire after Dr. Gregory revealed in a radio interview that his wife had checked out of their marriage long ago — blowing her “reality” star image.

VIDEO: Dr. Gregory Lunceford Reveals Marriage to Quad Webb-Lunceford Was Fake For TV — ‘No Sex For Years!’ 

One concerned fan took it up a notch — launching a petition (Click here to sign the petition) on Wednesday — inviting fans to join in an effort to boot Quad to Bravo’s curb. 

Will fan outcry lead to “Quad the Fraud’s” reality TV exit?

Married to Medicine airs Saturday nights, on Bravo.



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