Quad Webb-Lunceford Accuses Toya Bush Harris of Trying to Get Her Kicked Off ‘Married to Medicine’

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The off-screen drama on Married to Medicine is heating up as the current season dwindles down — and co-stars, Quad Webb-Lunceford and Toya Bush-Harris, swapped Twitter shade after Saturday’s episode aired. 

“Girl, Toya trying to stop my coins but she can’t #Married2Med ” Quad responded to a fan who tweeted, “Toya girl stop being hateful. You don’t want to invite bad karma in your life. You never know what could happen and how would you feel as a singleton if you were pushed out the circle?”

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Toya quickly snapped back at Quad’s assertion that she’s trying to get her booted from the Bravo reality series.

“Stop your coins…. I didn’t know I had that much power! @AbsolutelyQuad it’s simply a suggestion, plan the GIRLS trip… hanging with couples when your single…???? WHY?” Toya responded on December 2.

As Quad’s divorce comes to an end, her Married to Medicine storyline will no longer revolve around a marriage like her co-stars. Therefore, her role on the Bravo hit series will be up in the air.

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Toya made light of that fact during a recent airing of Married to Medicine — pointing out that Quad shouldn’t tag along solo on future couples’ trips. She doesn’t feel comfortable with single people being on a couples’ vacation and told Quad it’s “unacceptable.”

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Quad took Toya’s assertions to mean her services are no longer required — as she no longer fits the basic premise of the show — “Married” to Medicine.

Should Quad Webb-Lunceford get the boot from Married to Medicine? Do you agree or disagree with Toya Bush-Harris? Sound off in the comments below!


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