‘Fight Your Big Bitch For Being Ugly!’ Mariah Huq Drags Heavenly Kimes Husband For Attacking Dr. Adyin Huq!

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The shattered friendship between Married to Medicine cast members, Mariah Huq and Dr. Heavenly Kimes, turned violent on a recent episode of the Bravo reality series. 

On Sunday, Mariah Huq took to Facebook Live to clarify breaking a wine glass during a heated confrontation with Heavenly in Antigua.

The cast of Married to Medicine journeyed to the Caribbean country to celebrate Toya Bush-Harris‘ 10th wedding anniversary and a violent fight broke out between Mariah and the dentist. 

As exclusively reported, the couples engaged in a Q&A session during dinner, which lead to Mariah Huq probing Quad Webb-Lunceford about her divorce. This action sent Heavenly into a rage and she launched a brutal boozed-fueled attack on Mariah.

“Heavenly was drunk and used Mariah asking Quad a simple question to try and fight Mariah. She has been wanting to fight Mariah since Mariah outed Damon’s cheating.” A source explains to AllAboutTheTea.com

Heavenly’s husband, Dr. Damon Kimes also jumped into the fray and attempted to fight Mariah’s husband, Dr. Aydin Huq. The other men in the group had to restrain the emergency room doctor from assaulting Aydin. The Married to Medicine executive producer addressed Heavenly’s husband’s behavior in the following video. Grab your popcorn and press play, it’s quite entertaining.

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