EXCLUSIVE: Thomas Ravenel Blasts Ashley Jacobs For “Bad Mouthing” Kathryn Dennis After Blowout Fight — His Family “Fears For His Life”

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The nightmare romance between former Southern Charm personalities, Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs, is on the rocks again!

The couple’s on-again/off-again relationship exploded Sunday night after they attended a steeplechase event earlier that day. Their day ended in a “screaming match of epic proportions” — and Thomas took the fireworks to social media to expose Ashley Jacobs has been “bad mouthing” Kathryn Dennis — the mother of his children.

The now-deleted Instagram post captioned, “Ashley Jacobd [Jacobs] has been bad mouthing the mother of my children. I totally disavow this horrendous behavior and will have nothing to do with her,” the Charleston real estate developer wrote slamming his ex girlfriend. 

A source close to the couple is dishing about the dynamic playing out behind the scenes.

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A snitch tells AllabouttheTEA.com that Thomas desperately wants to cut ties with Ashley but she’s hanging on for dear life and refuses to leave.

“Thomas desperately wants to be free of Ashley — but Ashley won’t leave him alone,” the insider tells AllAboutTheTea.com. “She uses emotional/violent outbursts and threats to control him.” The source continues, “Thomas and his family thinks that her unhinged behavior is very alarming and they fear for his life.”

The Charleston local revealed to AllabouttheTEA.com, “Thomas’ family and close friends are disgusted by Ashley and feel she’s ruining his life. They’re very concerned for him and want her to move back to California.”

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The source continues: “They can’t figure out Ashley’s end game — and why she won’t leave Thomas alone.”

As previously reported, during the course of the couple’s relationship Ashley routinely overstepped her bounds in Thomas and Kathryn Dennis’ parental issue. A source exposed Ashley Jacobs was the culprit behind the controversial drug test push.

“Although the drug tests were court mandated, Thomas was very casual about requesting them, until Ashley [Jacobs] came into the picture. She was the driving force behind Kathryn’s drug tests. She would constantly push Thomas to order them, in such a way, that Kathryn would have short notice. Ashley got a big kick out of ruffling Kathryn’s feathers this way.” An insider revealed to AllAboutTheTea.com.

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As fans know, Kathryn and Ashley Jacobs, argued over the exact number of ordered drug tests ordered during the season 5 reunionKathryn claimed that she had passed about 15 tests, while Ashley insisted that she had only been asked to take four. 

Ashley Jacobs - Southern Charm

Southern Charm is currently filming the show’s sixth season — but the real drama is exploding off-camera in the messy life of Thomas Ravenel.

Will Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs wrap their rocky relationship once and for all ? Sound off in the comments!


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