#SouthernCharm Ashley Jacobs Caught on Date One Day After Meltdown Over Thomas Ravenel Breakup!

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Ashley Jacobs - Southern Charm

Ashley Jacobs Caught On A Date!


Ashley Jacobs was caught canoodling with another man on Thursday, just one day after publicly broadcasting her heartbreak over the dashed romance she shared with Southern Charm star, Thomas Ravenel. 

VIDEO: Ashley Jacobs Confirms Break Up With Thomas Ravenel In Teary Instagram Video — Watch Here!

wept over the doomed one year love affair during an Instagram Live share on Wednesday, August 15th — inviting fans into a melodramatic emotional meltdown. 

Ravenel and Jacobs split after the real estate developer shared a platonic spa date with his baby mama, Kathryn Dennis. Watch below.

On Thursday, Jacobs was spotted in a Charleston lounge from behind — butt grabbing her mystery man, while his arm wrapped around her waist.

Ashley Jacobs - Southern CharmAshley Jacobs on a date with a mystery man

Jacobs wore the same stripped dress seen in the photo above, during a Instagram Story post earlier in the same day. 

Ashley Jacobs - Southern CharmAshley Jacobs Instagram Story on Thursday, August 16

Ravenel and Jacobs made the breakup internet official earlier this week, unfollowing each other on social media to publicly solidify their breakup. The online divorce was short-lived however, and the duo re-followed each other on Instagram, shortly before Jacobs was captured butt-grabbing her latest squeeze. 

EXCLUSIVE: Ashley Jacobs Distraught After Losing Control of Thomas Ravenel Breakup Story! 

It appears that Jacobs is still making online demands — but that isn’t stopping her from hitting the rebound ground running. 

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