EXCLUSIVE: #SouthernCharm Ashley Jacobs’ Involvement In Kathryn Dennis’ Ordered Drug Tests EXPOSED!

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Ashley Jacobs - Southern Charm

Ashley Jacobs Exposed!


Thomas Ravenel took to social media on Sunday, to clear up the misconception that he ordered his baby mama, Kathryn Dennis, to undergo three drug tests per week. His surprise post immediately triggered a fierce fan backlash.”Lot of lies on #SouthernCharm. For example, I am sadistic bc I requested 3 drug tests of KD per week. Fact is I requested only 3 tests over the course of an entire year,” the Southern Charm star posted Instagrammed on Sunday.  

Controversy surrounding the frequency of Dennis’ drug tests took shape after Patricia Altschul spoke out during a July 20 appearance on Radio Andy Reality Checked, “‘[Dennis] was not doing drugs after rehab. She was passing drug tests.” The Southern Charm matriarch said during the broadcast. “And from what I was told, she would have drug tests like every three weeks.” Altschul also labeled Ravenel, “sadistic.” 

Kathryn and Thomas’ ex-girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, argued over the exact number of ordered drug tests during the recent Season 5 reunion series — only amping the confusion. Kathryn claimed that she had passed about 15 tests, while Ashley insisted that she had only been asked to take four. 

Dennis was ordered by the court to submit to drug screens after losing custody of her two children — Kensie, 4, and Saint, 2 — and consequently entering rehab in 2016 for cocaine, opiates and marijuana

Southern Charm fans were quick to react, and called out Ravenel, 56, for addressing the private matter on social media.

One fan blasted the father of two in a lengthy rant for “sounding like Tr-Ashley.”

“Geeeezzz! Now you’re sounding like Tr-Ashley. Or wait… she’s really you. You’re sadistic because of how you mentally and verbally abuse and berate others. I’d totally forgotten I followed you on social media until seeing this post. Now I’m disappointed in myself for finding you entertaining at some point. Please, try to remember one simple thing all southerns are taught… do unto others as you’d have done unto you. I hope they remove you from the show like I’m removing you from who I follow.”

Others blasted Ravenel’s then girlfriend for overstepping her bounds in the former couple’s parental issue.

“I think the only problem was your girlfriend throwing those drug tests in @kathryndennis face. What business is it of your girlfriends. None whatsoever. God help that woman when she has children of her own. #karma”

“Your girlfriend started the lies. Watch the prior shows. She brought up drug test ALL the time. You looked like a weak man standing there allowing her to speak bad of the Mother of your children. Your children will see this one day.”

Ashley sure implied that it was a lot of urine test bestowed on Catherine and in fact Ashley said Catherine almost got a “fail” because she was late for her urine test because she had to work. I truly believe Thomas abused his power.”

A ROCK solid snitch exposed who was really behind the controversial drug test push.

“Although the drug tests were court mandated, Thomas was very casual about requesting them, until Ashley [Jacobs] came into the picture. She was the driving force behind Kathryn’s drug tests. She would constantly push Thomas to order them, in such a way, that Kathryn would have short notice. Ashley got a big kick out of ruffling Kathryn’s feathers this way.” An insider revealed to AllAboutTheTea.com.

AllAboutTheTea.com is digging into the debate, and exclusively obtained all the drug test requests made by Ravenel between July 2017 — May 2018. The dates are as follows:

  • July 11, 2017
  • September 19, 2017
  • April 9, 2018
  • May 6, 2018

Below is a total of four drug test requests since the South Carolina Family Court ordered Dennis be drug tested in June 2017, as part of the couple’s custody agreement

Thomas Ravenel - Southern Charm

Thomas Ravenel - Southern Charm

Thomas Ravenel - Southern Charm


Over the past year, Ravenel ordered three drug tests for Dennis. As stated above, a fourth drug test was requested over 13 months ago on July 11, 2017. Prior to that, Ravenel and Dennis were BOTH ordered by the court to undergo drug testing, approximately three times, between 2016 — 2017.

Southern Charm is on hiatus — but that hasn’t slowed social media chatter, debating messy backstage drama.

Do you believe we’ve seen the end of the great drug test debate involving Ashley Jacobs?


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