‘Flipping Out’ Star Jeff Lewis Confirms Bravo Cancelled His Contract & Reality Shows!

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Jeff Lewis Flipping Out Cancelled!


Jeff Lewis’ reign at Bravo is officially over! On Monday, the controversial Bravoleb revealed his contract with Bravo had expired — sharing a picture of his going away card. ‘I guess there’s no going away party?’ wrote the real estate flipper.


The image in Jeff’s Instagram post hangs at Bravo headquarters in New York City and in typical Jeff fashion — he poked fun at his firing by writing ‘loser’, ‘your 15 minutes are up’, and ‘better luck with radio’ on the photo.

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The card also featured Jeff with a red cross through his face – after he tweeted a picture with his co-star, Jenni Pulos’ face obscured. The two are no longer on speaking terms, following a blow-out argument while filming the latest series of the show.

Predicting his employment shift with Bravo, Jeff listed his villa above the famous Sunset Strip for $7.95 million on Friday.

The reality dad rose to fame after starring as the flippant star on the Bravo reality series, Flipping Out, for 11-years. 

In September, Bravo cancelled the house flipper’s scheduled Watch What Happens Live appearance after he shaded co-star, Jenni Pulos, by drawing a huge red “X” over her face in a promotional ad..

Jeff, 48, and Jenni, 45, ended their 11-year friendship and business relationship, after a blowout fight. The decision to part ways was not mutual — Jeff requested Jenni “move on” from his company, Jeff Lewis Design. “I did it because I thought it really was the best for both of us,” Jeff said during a recent broadcast of his Sirius radio show, “All of this was very civil, I thought.”

The Interior Therapy star also angered Bravo executives by publicly discussing contract negotiations. Jeff said he felt he was ‘punished’ by Bravo and was ‘looking for a job,’ during an interview two weeks ago.

‘Because of all of the issues that have been going on with me — you know, the pending lawsuits, and also the radio show,’ Jeff said in a clip. It has created a lot of problems for me at Bravo, because I have talked about behind-the-scenes, I’ve talked about contracts. Adding that he ‘had a lot of heat from Bravo.’

Jeff host his own SiriusXM show, Jeff Lewis Live, on Radio Andy (his boss Andy Cohen.)

 Jeff predicted Jenni’s “abuse and victimization” and “wrongful termination,” allegations would get him fired. 

“She said she had given up her acting career to work for me,” Jeff said on his radio show in September. “That really hurt my feelings because I felt like I have done nothing but accommodate her for her auditions and meetings and whatnot. And initially I was very hurt and I was put on the defense. I understand that she spends a lot of time with me. It’s very possible she hasn’t been able to go on certain auditions and maybe she hasn’t been able to have the opportunity of booking a movie or a show or whatever, but I have been very, very flexible.”

The former Flipping Out star also claims the business relationship with Jenni was staged for Bravo cameras and she hadn’t worked for him for years.

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