Jeff Lewis Asking Judge to Keep Surrogate Alexandra Trent’s Lawsuit Private!

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Jeff Lewis and Alexandra Trent - Flipping Out

Jeff Lewis Wants Surrogate Alexandra Trent’s Lawsuit Private!


Flipping Out designer, Jeff Lewis, is demanding that the lawsuit waged against him by his surrogate, Alexandra Trent, be kept private.

The Bravoleb is also asserting that the woman had given up any right to sue him in court. Lewis wants Alexandra Trent’s lawsuit to be heard in arbitration and removed from the Los Angeles court, according to court documents.

Lewis claims that Alexandra Trent is breaking a signed agreement stating that any dispute would be handled in private arbitration, after signing off on the Bravo production and release of Flipping Out.  

Lewis says that Trent agreed in writing to never sue him or producers, after voluntarily participating in the filmed storyline. Trent gave birth to the daughter of Lewis and his partner, Gage Edwards, in 2016.

The pregnancy was chronicled over two seasons of the popular show, and cameras captured the birth in the delivery room. The surrogate, Alexandra Trent, was not expecting to participate in the show, after meeting the couple through a classified ad. She eventually allowed production to capture some pre-birth footage, but alleges that she never agreed to have Bravo cameras in the delivery room. She is accusing production of filming her vagina without her permission, and says that she was humiliated but “disgusting” comments made by Lewis and Edwards during the birth episode.

“If I was a surrogate, and I had known there was going to be an audience, I probably would have waxed,” Lewis said, after the birth experience. 

Alexandra Trent is suing for invasion of privacy and fraud, and is seeking unspecified damages. Lewis, Bravo and producers deny any wrongdoing, and filed documents requesting that the case be thrown out of court. 

Flipping Out airs Tuesday nights at 10 pm, ET, on Bravo. 


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