#RHONJ Marty Caffrey Reveals Danielle Staub Abused His Bank Account & Used Him!

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Marty Caffrey - RHONJ

Marty Caffrey Reveals Danielle Staub Abused Him Financially, Verbally & Emotionally!


Danielle Staub returned to Real Housewives of New Jersey with hopes to bury her prostitution whore past and sell a new image to fans. However, according to her new husband, Marty Caffrey, the RHONJ diva has not changed at all.

As reported, the newlywed’s marriage is in crisis, with Caffrey threatening divorce after tying the knot two months ago in the Bahamas. Now Caffrey is shedding more light on the issues plaguing their relationship —  and is claiming “financial, verbal and emotional abuse,” by the reality TV starlet.

“Her birthday party was the tipping point. I was left completely in the dark. I wasn’t allowed to know who was invited. My family and friends were left out until the last minute only because I kept pressing the issue,” Caffrey told Radar Online in a statement. “There was no intention of including my family or friends. But I was expected to pay for it. Which I refused to do. This arrogant, disrespectful, presumptuous and entitled attitude I find disturbing. All of this is why I did not attend. You want to throw a self-indulgence, attention seeking party for yourselves, want me to pay for it, but I’m not allowed to know anything about it or to ask any questions? What world do you live in?”

Caffrey is accusing Staub of abusing his bank accounts — which forced him to “cancel” his credit cards.

“I’ve done OK in my life but if that’s not good enough then there’s nothing I can do about that,” he continued. “I bailed Danielle out of a really tough situation. I gave her a platform to be relevant again. Because I believed in her and loved her. I still love her and still believe in her. And her payback is nothing but financial, verbal and emotional abuse. I’ve tried dozens of times to talk to Danielle about this but she just buries her head in the sand.”

According to Caffrey, his wife is ungrateful, neglects his emotional needs, and treats him like an ATM machine.

“There is never one question asked to me in that house. Except things like “can you go pick up stuff at the market”, or “make sure you Venmo this or that”. I never hear “What’s new with you?” “How’s your family?” Nothing. It gets back to this unbelievable level of entitlement and narcissism that exists. It wasn’t always that way but when she became relevant again, with my help, she changed. There’s never any time for just “us”. She should be thanking me, not verbally and emotionally abusing me, not dominating me, not ignoring me.”

Caffrey also claims Staub “didn’t like” his kids, and isolated him from his family. This sounds identical to what Staub’s ex, Joe Masalta, told AllAboutTheTea.com in an exclusive interviewJoe Masalta and Staub dated for about three months, after meeting on Tinder in June 2015.

In the following audio, Staub is heard spewing venom about Masalta’s devotion to his own two children during one recorded incident — her nasty comments ultimately ending their chaotic love affair. Masalta captured the vitriol during one of Staub’s meltdowns — and the audio is disturbing.

Caffrey also owns up to his “mistakes” in the marriage, and having “embarrassed” his wife.

“I certainly have made some mistakes and I own them. Sometimes I have embarrassed her. And for those times I’ve apologized and I will continue to do so. She, nor anybody else, never deserves to be treated poorly,” he admitted.

“I’m sure Danielle could list my faults and her side of the story. And I recognize that. I have many faults. I’ve often asked her to admit we both have 50% blame and we can go from there. But all we talk about is my 50% which makes it 100% my fault.”

Staub’s rep released the following statement to Radar, in response to her husband’s claims.

“Danielle is very disappointed that Marty spent time composing a three-page statement for the media but won’t sit down and talk with her about the situation,” the rep told Radar. “She is also disappointed that he seems much more concerned about press coverage than he does about his marriage.”

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