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‘F*ck Your Kids!’ Scary Audio of Drug Fueled Tirade That Sent Danielle Staub’s Navy SEAL Running For His Life! (Exclusive)

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Danielle Staub has made her triumphant Real Housewives of New Jersey return — hoping to sell a new image with fans. However, according to an ex-lover, viewers have only seen a glimpse of the real Danielle — and “prostitution whore” is only the beginning. 

Joe Masalta and Danielle dated for about three months, after meeting on Tinder in June 2015. Their brief relationship was tumultuous, and Masalta claims that he began recording their exchanges to protect himself from Danielle’s regular outbursts. Masalta is now exposing their dark past, calling Danielle “violent, insecure and obsessive.”

EXCLUSIVE: Danielle Staub’s Violent Outbursts Fueled By Oxycontin, Cocaine and Weed In 2015 EXPOSED! (Exclusive)

is a mom of two girls, Christine and Jillian, and labels her daughters the loves of her life. However, the mommy-love stops there.

spewed venom about Masalta’s devotion to his own two children during one recorded incident—her nasty comments ultimately ending their chaotic love affair. Masalta captured the vitriol during one of Danielle’s meltdowns — and the audio is disturbing.

“Your kids are “f*cking insane!” Danielle ranted about Masalta’s children.   

“F*ck your kids! F*ck your dog! F*ck your life!” Danielle screamed.

The former Navy SEAL is heard ending the relationship for good — noting that he and his elementary school aged kids are a “package deal.”

Danielle continued her tirade, spitting out another series of “f*ck your kids” — triggering Masalta’s final exit. His escape was briefly thwarted by Danielle blocking his path. 

Press play below to listen.

Bravo has welcomed Danielle back with open arms — but will viewers buy what she’s selling?

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