#RHOC RECAP: Kelly Dodd Accuses Vicki Gunvalson Of Betrayal!

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Tamra Judge

This week on The Real Housewives of Orange County, we start the episode in Tamra Judge’s unfinished new house. Unfortunately, Eddie’s heart surgery didn’t work, and he’s on blood thinners. The good news is the meds are working, and his heart rate has lowered. While the two are talking about his condition in their half-completed kitchen, a food delivery (not a casserole, sadly) arrives from Vicki Gunvalson. Eddie churlishly refuses to eat it. 

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Over at Casa Beador, Shannon is headed to Mexico with her girls. It’s their first trip without David, but he is the one footing the bill. We’re treated to a flashback of David in his first season, telling Shannon he’s tired of being unhappy. But in her talking head, Shannon insists she thought her marriage was stable, despite all evidence to the contrary. The rest of us saw the writing on the wall from the Beadors’ first episode.

Shannon Beador

Tamra, Kelly Dodd, and new girl, Emily Simpson, meet for a little girly time by getting mani-pedis. Emily gives the lowdown on her life and marriage. Her former boss and current husband is a Mormon, which means no funny business before marriage. He asked her to be his bride over Google chat. Which is as sad and unromantic as it sounds. But Emily was all, “what the hell, I’m not getting any younger” and accepted his proposal. She also tells us that after six miscarriages, her sister became her surrogate.

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While getting her car washed, Tamra receives a call from Shannon, who suggests that Tamra and Vicki head south of the border and meet up for some whoop it up time. Too bad Tamra couldn’t hear her over the pounding of the car wash, so Shannon had to keep repeating herself — which was a pretty funny scene. Tamra wants to support Shannon in her newfound single status but weighs that with staying home and taking care of her husband.

Tamra Judge - RHOC

At Vicki’s place, Steve is preparing the salmon for dinner. Vicki’s business is in a growth period, so she can’t retire, even though she mentions it to Steve. The house is such a big job, it takes more than one person to help keep it up. And now that Steve is practically living with Vicki, she wants to divide household tasks, but how can she know he’ll follow through? Another problem on her mind is the need to make things right with Eddie. While Steve stands by her, he’s not riding shotgun on her apology tour. You’re on your own, Vick!

Vicki Gunvalson

Over at Cut Fitness, Tamra’s friends show up for a workout. Newbie, Gina Kirschenheiter, arrives, along with Emily. While Kelly Dodd crushes it, Emily flops over after the first few minutes. Post workout, we discover that Gina is a stay at home mom whose husband works in LA during the week. She doesn’t mind and isn’t really sure what he does for a living, but it works for them…except that after filming they filed for divorce. So… The most interesting thing about Gina is her Long Island accent.

Real Housewives of Orange County

Cruising around Laguna, Vicki calls Kelly, asking for advice on how to apologize to Eddie. Kelly tells us that Vicki’s apologies are unsuccessful because she backtracks and plays the blame game instead of taking responsibility for her actions. “I’m sorry.” Two words, easy to say. Try it Vicki! So Vicki calls Tamra and asks to meet with Eddie. It just so happens that Tamra and Eddie are having lunch in Laguna. What a lucky coincidence! But Eddie’s not happy that Vicki is interrupting their meal. Vicki put a real wedge between them in the last couple of years.

Vicki Gunvalson

Over at Gina’s house, she’s playing with her three young kids before making dinner of shrimp and broccoli. She seems like a laid back, fun mom. But so far, she’s not interesting in the least. She makes Meghan and her fertility shots seem downright fascinating.

Gina Kirschenheiter

When Vicki arrives at the restaurant, there’s a dirty martini waiting for her. She’s obviously flustered and uncomfortable. Tamra says her son came home and asked if Eddie was gay. The kids were talking about it at school. Vicki doesn’t want to hear about that as she pulls out her bible verses and tells Eddie about all the ways she’s wronged him. It was a pretty good apology, and in the end, Eddie forgives her. But, he warns, it will take time to build back the trust. Vicki hugs Tamra and Eddie, then leaves before they can change their minds.

Vicki Gunvalson

We see Emily and her husband, Shane, have an ocean-side dinner to celebrate their 9th anniversary. She admits that when they first got married, things were rocky. They jumped in without any romantic connection, but things are better now. All she can think about lately is having one more child — a girl.

She has nine embryos just waiting to be implanted, but Shane isn’t onboard with the plan. I have a hard time seeing any chemistry between these two, but it could be because they’re not completely comfortable with the cameras.

Vicki stops by Kelly’s scaled down condo. As soon as Vicki has a glass of wine, Kelly hits her with all the news she’s been receiving, saying Vicki introduced Kelly’s ex, Michael, to a new girl. And she didn’t bother to mention it to Kelly.

Kelly Dodd

Vicki says she had a barbecue and invited Michael. She invited her single friends who wanted to meet him, but she has no idea what happened after that. Oh, except that she and Steve have double dated with Michael and this mystery woman. Kelly is livid! Did Vicki break girl code, by going out with Michael and her friend — despite Kelly telling her in the previous episode she wants Michael to find someone.

Vicki Gunvalson

So, do you think Vicki still needs lessons in female friendship or was she right to double date with Kelly’s ex? 


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