EXCLUSIVE: #SouthernCharm’s Patricia Altschul Befriends Arch Enemy Kathryn Dennis Amid Feud With Thomas Ravenel!

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The enemy of my enemy is my friend!

The upcoming season of Southern Charm promises to deliver red-hot drama — and it appears that cast matriarch, Patricia Altschul, is switching teams. 

There has been no love lost between Patricia and Kathryn Dennis — but according to her public fan page, Patricia has had a change of heart.

Patricia spilled the truth about Kathryn during Season 3 — when the Kathryn’s “drug fueled rages” were causing production disruptions and discord within the cast.

Patricia’s son and Southern Charm producer, Whitney Sudler-Smith, went on record on Watch What Happens Live — labeling Kathryn a “drug addict/violent sociopath.” Press play below to watch the video.

A supposedly rehabbed Kathryn edged her way back into cautious cast acceptance in season four — but it appears that a surprise love-fest between Kathryn and Patricia is now brewing behind the scenes.

According to a post on Patricia’s fan Instagram account, Patricia has a “newfound compassion” for the woman she once banished from her home. The fan account has also started following Kathryn on Instagram and Kathryn has followed back.

Astute followers of the off-season drama know that Patricia’s fan account was taken over by Luzanne Otte — a castoff love interest of Thomas Ravenel.

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Supposedly, Otte has been pulling mad strings behind the scenes — in retaliation for being dumped by Thomas and replaced by current girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs.

Ashley landed on Otte’s hit list, and as reported, will pay the price during the upcoming season. Thomas’ ex, Kathryn Dennis, will face off against the woman who captured Thomas’ heart, so evidently Patricia must side with Kathryn in order to stand against Thomas and Ashley.

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As reported, Patricia orchestrated the failed romance between Thomas and Otte — and appears to be cosigning Otte’s messy revenge. Patricia has allowed Otte to rep her in the shadowy world of social media — and it looks like cozying back up to Kathryn is part of the deal. 

Do you believe that Patricia is really playing nice with Kathryn — just to twist a knife into Thomas and Ashley’s relationship? Sound off in the comment section!

Southern Charm will premiere April 5th.


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