#SouthernCharm Star Thomas Ravenel “Saddened” Over Patricia Altschul’s Malicious Betrayal! (Exclusive)

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The cast of Southern Charm is upside down — and Thomas Ravenel is prepared to walk.

Viewers know that Thomas has always shared a special friendship with cast matriarch, Patricia Altschul — but events marking the pre-season of the Bravo hit have battered their unique friendship. 

Patricia is responsible for introducing Thomas to Luzanne Otte — a Season 5 interloper who is allegedly hell-bent on tarnishing the reputation of Thomas’ girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs. 

As exclusively reported, Otte has gone to extreme lengths to paint Ashley as a gold-digging whore — after the Santa Barbara hospice nurse stole away Thomas’ heart. Apparently, many in the cast have swallowed her lies — and the drama is set to play out on the Bravo stage.

EXCLUSIVE: Thomas Ravenel’s Ex Poisons #SouthernCharm Cast Against His New Girlfriend With Horrific Lies! 

 continues to run Patricia’s official Instagram fan page — the platform spinning 180 degrees since the beginning of Otte’s smear campaign. The account went private on Friday — odd for a platform designed to attract fans — but has been captured targeting Ashley with online harassment. 

A source close to Thomas tells AllAboutTheTea.com exclusively that the real estate developer is heartbroken by the betrayal. 

Thomas is sad and angry at Patricia. He believes that she’s complicit in the mess,” says our insider. “He’s disappointed that she appears on board  with her account being used to target and malign his girlfriend. He’s questioning her integrity, and believes all trust is gone.” 

Patricia’s fan page used to stand solidly against the unhinged antics of Kathryn Dennis, and Patricia has been vocal about her negative opinion of the mother of Thomas’ two children. The account is now proudly team Kathryn  because presumably, the Southern Charm narrative will pit Kathryn against Ashley

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On Monday, Patricia’s Instagram fan page inserted Kathryn Dennis, into the mix by posting the following contradictory image — clearly aligning her brand with “#TeamKathryn,” and dragging Shep Rose into the drama by tagging his clothing line. 

Patricia’s son, Whitney Sudler-Smith, is also getting a side-eye from Thomas. 

“Thomas doesn’t believe that Patricia and Whitney have ever been his real friends,” reports our source. “He thinks that they’ve both been pretending, and doesn’t trust either of them. He feels betrayed.” 

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The in-the-know insider also claims that Thomas believes that Patricia plans to cooperate with a reunion plot designed to falsely legitimize Otte’s bogus claims against Ashley. 

Thomas thinks that there’s a twisted reunion scenario being hatched behind his back — and Patricia is a part of it,” the insider says. 

The season hasn’t even started — but our source says that Patricia’s betrayal could trigger Thomas’ final bow 

AllAboutTheTea.com reached out to Thomas Ravenel for comment. The Charleston real estate developer tells AllAboutTheTea.com exclusively that he’s, “deeply saddened and disappointed with Patricia’s recent actions” and he thought “she [Patricia] was genuinely my friend.” 

Southern Charm is expected to premiere spring 2018. Sound off in the comments below!


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