Patricia Altschul Calls Out Kathryn Dennis For Lying About Having A Relationship Whitney #SouthernCharm

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Patricia Southern Charm

Romantic rumors simmering beneath Southern Charm stars, Whitney Sudler-Smith and Kathryn Dennis bubbled to the surface, during the last episode of the Charleston based reality show.

Viewers witnessed Kathryn Dennis telling Craig Conover that while most thought her relationship with Whitney had been a casual fling, the relationship was actually more serious than the cast suspected. Kathryn alleged that she spent periods of time at the home that Whitney shared with his mother, Patricia Altschul. Kathryn reiterated her claim on Twitter, before the episode.

Craig confronted Whitney with Kathryn’s story, in a dramatic showdown. Whitney vehemently denied Kathryn’s assertion, claiming a quickie fling was the extent of the couple’s romance. Patricia spoke to ET, sharing her observations about her son’s and Kathryn’s past relationship.

“What can I say? the southern belle said. “I live in one wing of the house, and at that time, Whitney was living at the other wing. And I think that this whole contrivance that there was a relationship is misconstrued. I mean… I don’t like to use the term one night stand. I prefer ‘sleepover.’” 

Patricia believes that Kathryn is exaggerating the extent of the time she spent at her home, commenting,

“I think this was just a good, old Southern sleepover,” Patricia said. “I mean, I never saw her in the house except once.” 

How does Patricia sum up the controversial ex-romance?

“The funny thing is, she was talking about having a relationship that went on for a week and a half,” Patricia explained. “I mean, I think that it was relations — they had relations, they did not have a relationship.” 

Whitney has long moved on from the drama with girlfriend, Larissa Marlot, and Kathryn continues to drag her baby daddy, Thomas Ravenel,  around by the nose. Who will the cast ultimately believe? Who do you believe?


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