Monster Mom Tamra Judge Strikes Again! Violates Estranged Daughter’s Request Not To Speak About Her In The Press!

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Monster mom Tamra Judge strikes again! 

The Real Housewives of Orange County star continues to defy estranged daughter, Sidney Barney’s wishes and talk about her in the press.

“[There’s] not a whole lot of movement between the two of us,” she admits to ET. “But I’m very hopeful, because I feel like if she’s removed from [home] – she’s [at college] out of state — she’s on the East Coast, so just the fact that she’s living on her own and thinking on her own, I think it will be really good for her. I really do.”

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As reported, Sidney iced out her mom after The Real Housewives of Orange County star violated her daughter’s privacy by repetitively posting about her on social media and exploiting their broken relationship as an “erased parent” on the Bravo hit series.

“She’s a good girl,” she says with a smile. “I think we’re a lot alike … I know it’s gonna turn out really well.”

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claims she’s “best friends” with her younger daughter, Sophia, unlike the relationship she has with 18-year-old Sidney.

“She’s my mini me,” Tamra shares. “It’s even hard for her to go to her dad’s house, just because she wants to be with me all the time. So, I just hope it stays like that. It’s hard, because divorce just brings out the worst in a family situation and the kids, really, get put in the middle.”

“We have 22 million kids that are going through this,” she notes of divorced families. “Nobody really wants to talk about this. I have neighbors that come up to me and say, ‘I’m going through the same thing. My uncle or somebody….’”

“When your kids stop talking to you, you feel like a horrible parent,” she adds. “And that’s not the case. The true victim is the child because they’re pulled. They’ve been pulled. They don’t know what to do.”

The 49-year-old mom of four recently renewed her wedding vows in Aruba and gushes about her partner, Eddie Judge. 

“It’s just so easy,” Tamra says. “Just so precious, and sweet and loving.”

“When you are truly happy, and in love, your life is just so much better,” she gushes. “Everyday’s so much brighter, and when I started the show I was in such a bad, dark place and, you know, kind of like taking it out on everyone and just not being happy. Not being happy at home was very hard. Very difficult.”

Tamra rehashes her bitter divorce from her ex Simon Barney. 

“[I see] just a very angry, unhappy person,” she says of re-watching those scenes. “I’m not very good at expressing my emotions. I tend even to keep them inside … That season that we filmed, we knew we were going to get a divorce. We knew it was happening. So, we agreed to go through the season, maybe we shouldn’t talk about it, we weren’t going to talk about it. And it just got worse and worse and worse and worse.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo. 


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