Tamra Judge Unleashes On Gretchen Rossi & Fight Ensues Over #RHOC Star’s Daughter Exposing Her Unfit Mothering!

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Tamra Judge was soundly thrashed on social media Monday night — and a Real Housewives of Orange County flashback threw her two cents into the ring.

As reported, Sidney Barney blasted her mother one day before her vow renewal ceremony in Aruba, and Bravo alum, Gretchen Rossi, chimed in, offering support to the fed-up teen

Sidney slammed her mother for portraying a beaten down “erased” parent — while refusing to accept responsibility for own detrimental actions. Gretchen posted a supportive message under Sidney’s scathing Facebook post — which set Tamra OFF.   

Tamra responded — spewing venom at her former co-star. The post was soon deleted, but there’s little doubt that Gretchen got the message, loud and clear. Tamra labeled Gretchen a troll, piece of sh*t, and wannabe — then took it even lower, using the word “childless” in her defensive lash-out.

The pair continued to swap barbs on Twitter — and fans chose sides. 

“..when did I say I was trying to do that? T put her in the spotlight by going against her wishes and talking about it on the show,” Gretchen wrote. “Sidney called her mom out about the lies on the show and I simple showed my support for her doing the right thing (as hard as that probably was for her)”



Gretchen will make appearances on this season of RHOC — and Tamra is not cheering her Bravo comeback. Will social media become a battleground, as the season plays out?

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