Fed Up! Vicki Gunvalson EXPOSES ‘Classless’ & ‘Filthy Mouth’ Tamra Judge: ‘I’m Not Playing Any Longer’

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Tamra Judge has been put on blast — blog-slapped and set straight by her Real Housewives of Orange County co-star, Vicki Gunvalson.

Tamra dragged Season 11 hysteria into Season 12, and has (once again) made Vicki, and ancient rumors spilled about her husband’s sexuality her storyline. Tamra has lured Kelly Dodd over the the dark side, and Shannon Beador remains happily miserable as Tamra’s head cheerleader. 

Vicki let Tamra and her sidekick have it in her Bravo blog — her patience clearly wearing thin, as the season progresses. Vicki addresses the exhausted Brooks Ayers controversy, and repeats her stance.

Tamra has this idea in her head that I’m this evil person, and that I go around making up lies which I don’t. She can’t get off my ex-boyfriend’s name, and is stuck in a relationship of mine that ended over two years ago, which had nothing to do with her.  I am the one who was damaged, I am the one who was lied to, I am the one who supported him financially, and I am the one who was hurt. Why can’t she ever see it out of anyone else’s eyes but her own? She got involved in my relationship when in fact, that is her entire “beef” with me is that she doesn’t want anyone in her family or her relationship.  Such a hypocrite.”

Vicki breaks down the facts — reiterating that the rumors about Eddie’s sexuality have been in the mix for years.

“I was not the first one to repeat or reveal the rumor about Eddie’s past of being gay,” Vicki writes. “Let me make this very clear to all of you: I don’t care one way or the other about his past relationships. Tamra is the one that should be discussing this with her husband, not lashing out at me for discussing it with my friend.”

Vicki clarifies what most viewers already know to be true.

“Just so you know, before I had that private conversation with Kelly about Eddie, it was already widely reported in the public domain his “unorthodox” relationship with a gay man that adopted him as an adult. Kelly would have eventually found out about it herself sooner or later without me.”  Notice this date of 2011 on google where Tamra discusses it prior to their marriage.   

Vicki re-enters the faux-cancer waters, and bashes Tamra and Shannon for being stuck in the past, and deflecting from their own issues.

Tamra is stuck in the past regarding my ex-boyfriend, and I’m tired of every time she opens her mouth about me she calls me a LIAR. “He” has already revealed in multiple interviews that I was never in on a scam! Furthermore, a scammer benefits from the scam. What did I ever benefit from this so called scam? NOTHING! Now I ask the question why do Tamra and Shannon continue to bring up a relationship that ended over two years ago? I wasn’t married to him, I wasn’t engaged, and I was the one who was scammed! I personally think it’s a way for them to deflect off their own families back onto me so no one focuses on them. I’m going to sit back and watch Karma do its job with them because it always does. I think it’s completely disrespectful to Steve that she would continue to talk about my ex. I’m not talking about Simon, so why is she so hung up on a past relationship of mine? Can you say “DEFLECTION?” Very clearly in this public statement “he” made after we broke up, that I was NOT in any scam. Now move on!”

Vicki zeroes in on Tamra’s patterns, and pinpoints the reality star’s predictably nasty game. Kelly Dodd — take note!

“Hearing Tamra’s filthy mouth is so classless, and I’m tired of her continuing to talk crap about me,” Vicki says. “Just wait, Shannon, it’s only a matter of time before she turns on you too.”

“I simply had a conversation with Kelly about why is it ok for her to talk crap about other people, but she’s off limits. It’s not right,” Vicki adds.

Vicki throws the final punch, nailing Tamra’s Bravo modus operandi.

Tamra is notorious for hurting people and getting other ladies to side against each other so she feels powerful. It’s a game she has been playing for years, and I’m not playing it any longer. Tamra is notorious for kicking someone when they are down, which I have no desire to do to her.”

Vicki concludes by writing that she remains hurt by Tamra and Shannon’s “toxic behavior and negativity.”

The fireworks are just getting started — who do you think will get burned?

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