EXCLUSIVE: Kathryn Dennis’ Reunion Drug Lies Exposed — #SouthernCharm Star Used Marijuana Plus Cocaine & Opiates!

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Kathryn Dennis will tell her tale of rehabbed woe on the first installment of the Southern Charm reunion — but her supposed personal victory rests on a flat-out lie.

Kathryn claims that she submitted to rehab because of a dependency on marijuana only — labeling it her “drug of choice.” However, according to court documents obtained by AllAboutTheTea.com, Kathryn was mixed up in far more serious drugs when she made her abrupt exit into treatment, last summer.

“My sobriety is for marijuana!” the 24-year-old yelled at Jennifer Snowden in a preview clip.

“You went to rehab for marijuana?” Andy Cohen asked.

“So pathetic,” Landon Clements added.

Kathryn tested positive before the Season 3 reunion taping with not one — but several drugs in her system, after a custody battle with ex-lover, Thomas Ravenel, hit the fan. Court documents reveal cocaine, opiates, as well as marijuana in the reality star’s system. 

Kathryn’s drug-fueled history speaks for itself.

In June 2016, Patricia Altschul claimed that Kathryn’s addict rages endangered the cast and crew, while filming Season 3.

As reported, text messages exchanged between Kathryn and a local drug dealer exposed a drugs for sex relationship in 2015 — purportedly continuing during her pregnancy with her second child.

The Ravenel children’s nanny, Deidre Politelli, testified under oath to Kathryn’s all-night disappearances, and spoke of the children returning dirty and neglected, after time spent with their mother. Politelli’s daughter testified that Kathryn, “drank red wine and took Adderall” during her pregnancy.

Kathryn engaged in bizarrely unhinged social media rants in all hours of the night, as Season 3 unfolded.

A local source revealed to AllAboutTheTea.com last June that Kathryn had shacked up with a well-known Charleston pill pusher. Kathryn’s unbalanced behavior during the Season 3 reunion had many viewers convinced that Kathryn was spinning out of control. 

Kathryn will give her recreational drug use story a shot on tonight’s reunion — do you believe that fans will ignore the facts and buy it?

Watch Part 1 of the Southern Charm reunion tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET on Bravo. 


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