Matt Baier’s Cancer Side Chick BUSTED in Lies, Shady Manipulation & Threats After Being Cut From MTV Show!

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Matt Baier continues to weather a fierce fan fallout, after a reported, “side chick,” exposed an alleged fling — threatening to derail his engagement to Teen Mom OG star, Amber Portwood.

Tiffany Basset claims to have been lured into a relationship by Baier, after a business relationship turned tawdry, during a holiday weekend in Las Vegas. The recovering cancer mom recently told what purportedly went down between her and the despised reality star — the alleged incidents occurring over New Year’s, 2017. Tiffany claimed that Baier “took advantage” of her — alleging that she found herself in two sexual trysts — not in discussions about a promised business venture. 

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Social media exploded, pointing to inconsistencies on both sides of the unsettling narrative. Tiffany’s allegations continue to spill all over the net — but many conflict with revealed communications, also exposed by the paramedical tattoo artist.

Tiffany claims to have met Baier via a mass marketing email campaign — but has uncovered a text message where Tiffany states the two met on Snapchat. Matt contacted me back about investing in a new shop, and was interested in telling my story in the process,” Tiffany alleged. However, an uncovered text message reveals that the pair actually met on Snapchat.

Tiffany admits to sexting, exchanging raunchy photos, and swapping inappropriate texts with Baier, before the reported double hookup in Vegas. However, even after Baier supposedly sexually took advantage of Tiffany and tossed her aside — the affectionate messages continued. In fact, the word “love” was even tossed around — expressed after the Vegas trip.

Tiffany alluded to one of the sexual hookups as being uninvited and unwanted — but actually joked, “hahaha,” with Baier about being “traumatized,” sarcastically snarking about the purported undercover encounter.

On social media, Tiffany claimed that she did not want to be featured on MTV — but several messages reveal that Baier’s reported side-piece was not happy, after being edited out of the “Being Matt” special. 

In fact, Tiffany claims she shot down an exposure offer from MTV, after the story broke. MTV allegedly requested that Tiffany sign a release — but because she is still peeved at the network shut-out, she refused.

The move was an odd one — considering that she made no secret of the fact that she desired “big outlet” exposure for her bombshell.

Tiffany spilled her tea — showing no mercy, even to those who have offered support. Tiffany has exposed messages from Amber’s brother, Shawn Portwood, his fiance, Rachel, and MTV producer, Kiki Malone. Tiffany’s account has likely stirred up family turmoil — and Shawn Portwood is now distancing himself from Baier’s alleged mark. Malone has not commented.

Tiffany also accepted $1800 from Baier months after the Vegas trip — allowing the guy who had supposedly done her dirty to cover a lawyer’s bill.

Tiffany labels the cash “hush money” in another text exchange.

Tiffany’s story has jumped from a quasi-victim tale, to a convoluted maze that has spectators wondering if Baier and Tiffany are playing the same shady game. The win is up for grabs — but there’s little doubt that Amber Portwood lands in the loser’s circle.


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