UPDATED: Sexual Assault Scandal Surfaces From #TeenMomOG’s Matt Baier’s Affair! [EXCLUSIVE]

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Matt Baier is in the hot seat — exposed by a woman who refused to be silenced, after becoming mixed up with the shady fiancé of Teen Mom OG star, Amber Portwood.

Tiffany Bassett put Baier on blast, speaking exclusively to AllAboutTheTea.com about her brief fling with the controversial reality star. After reading Tiffany’s story — social media exploded, pointing to one of the alleged sexual encounter descriptions as disturbing.

Tiffany wants to share more about the incident, and while she does not classify the episode as sexual assault — the outcry has prompted her to open up more about the episode. Tiffany outlines exactly what happened.    

Matt ended up in my room sometime between 1-2 am that early Jan 3rd, morning, after asking me to set out some souvenirs that had ended up in my bag earlier in the day. He had made all of the reservations, and therefore had his name on every room.”

Tiffany’s rental car had been vandalized, pushing her checkout date back by a day, necessitating a room change. She had been sharing a double hotel room with Jeff Bruno, Matt’s friend, also invited on the weekend trip, as a possible match for the paramedical tattoo artist.

“So in the text, you can see I give Matt the new room number, and tell him the souvenirs are on the desk. I expect him to come in sometime between the poker tourneys he’s doing with Jeff, but I’m going to bed regardless.”

Tiffany describes the actual encounter — the incident that has fans crying foul.

Matt comes in the suite and grabs my exposed shoulder from sleeping on my side. He rolls me over and says ‘hurry up.’ I’m barely awake when I realize it’s Matt and he’s already pulled the blankets down and swung my legs over the edge of the bed,” Tiffany states.”

Tiffany describes what was going through her mind, during the sexual act.

“I’m honestly unable to make a noise. He pulls my sleep shorts aside and he enters me. My eyes are completely closed and I’m in my head asking myself how the fuck did I allow this again with this guy, after he treated me like shit all weekend,” Tiffany explains. “Overcompensating for having sex with me Saturday, I’m sure, but nonetheless so rude.”

Tiffany, a recovering cancer patient, explains that Jeff walked in, and because of the angle of the room, Matt was able to spin around and hide what was going on.

“Matt leaned in the edge of the desk, trying to hide his barely covered genitalia, and breaks into conversation while I’m uncontrollably sobbing — crying in relief,” Tiffany says. “Jeff asks ‘what the fuck is going on?’ And Matt spins a bullshit yarn that he came up for the souvenirs and we got into a deep conversation about my impending PET scan and results, my lack of money on the trip, and my overall feeling of discomfort during the weekend.  I was irritated by Matt’s attitude towards me, and he knew it.”

Jeff went to the bathroom, and Matt quickly finished zipping and buttoning his pants he was hiding, by sitting cross legged on the edge of the desk,” Tiffany continues. “I will never forget what he was wearing — blue and white plaid collared shirt and jeans.”

Tiffany reveals that she has not been able to wear the bed clothes that she had on that night, and that she “cried herself to sleep” that night.

“I had on a dusty yellow cheerios brand t shirt and some lucky charms boxer/hot pants for bed time. I still can’t wear those clothing items anymore.”

Tiffany later told Jeff what had happened, who allegedly encouraged her to speak to Matt’s cousin, Michael DiSilvio  also on the trip, and to producers, in a corroborated effort to expose Baier. 

“That plan quickly ended when I realized it was conditional on Jeff getting to “have me” instead of Matt,” explained Tiffany. “Matt later told production that my texts were trash, and somehow convinced Jeff to lie for him.”

Below are text messages Tiffany sent to Michael after the incident happened, and the uneasy tone is evident.

Tiffany concludes her thoughts, by sharing where she stands, after exposing the despised reality star.

“I will not lie about this. I had a price at one point in this story, and I regret that every single day. No amount of money can silence me now,” Tiffany says.

Tiffany responds to the social media outcry — and explains why she ultimately decided against pressing charges against Baier.

“As for pressing charges or filing reports I don’t want to go through that, or put my family through that,” Tiffany states. “I have overwhelming evidence against me for sexting and inviting him into my hotel room. It’s awful that I have to own responsibility — but I am, and I will.”

In an alarming flashback twist, another young woman linked to Baier accused the MTV star of sexual assault — the claim detailed in a 2014 restraining order. The unidentified woman’s mother confirmed that the alleged victim committed suicide only months after slapping Baier with the order, in November of 2014.

Matt Baier has not yet publicly commented on Tiffany’s allegations.


Below is a new text message between Tiffany and Matt. In the message, Matt tells Tiffany to, “cover us,” after she questions, “How much do you think he [Jeff] saw,” (After Jeff walked in on them in the middle of a sexual act.)


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