EXCLUSIVE: Rough Sex, D*ck Pics & Sexting! Amber Portwood’s Fiance, Matt Baier Caught Cheating With Cancer Mom!

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Matt Baier’s nasty side was exposed on Monday’s airing of Teen Mom OG — and things are just getting worse for the shady reality star.   

Tiffany Basset is speaking out — determined to come clean and set the record straight about her relationship with the controversial MTV personality. As AllAboutTheTea.com reported last month, Tiffany was exposed as one of Baier’s alleged side flings — and after an initial denial, Tiffany has decided to tell all about her brief relationship with Matt Baier.

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According to the tattoo artist, she first connected with Baier in November 2016, after sending out a mass email, in hopes of drumming up business. Tiffany, a recovering cancer patient, specializes in paramedical tattooing.

Matt contacted me back about investing in a new shop, and was interested in telling my story in the process,” Tiffany explains. “I was excited to possibly land a celebrity client, as well as a new business venture.”

Baier expressed a desire to invest $15k in the new business, and the pair  agreed on a 50/50 partnership. The shop was named, and a logo was designed. According to Tiffany, the exchanges slowly shifted from business to pleasure.

“Matt began sending me provocative text messages, including a d*ck pic,” Tiffany reveals. “I went along with it, hoping that it would eventually pay off for my business. My motive was always business, and providing for my three children.”

Click here to see Matt’s alleged d*ck pic! [NSFW]


Text message between Matt Baier (gray background) and Tiffany Basset (blue background) _All About The Tea
Text message between Matt Baier (gray background) and Tiffany Basset (blue background)

Tiffany says that a trip to Las Vegas was planned for New Year’s eve, to meet up in person, and discuss the business venture. Baier invited his pal, Jeff, supposedly betting that Jeff and Tiffany would hit it off. Amber Portwood, her brother, Shawn Portwood, and his fiancee, Rachel, and Matt’s cousin, Michael DiSilvio, also came along on the trip. Tiffany and Jeff, a friend who occasionally appears on the show, got aquatinted via text, and agreed to meet.

“On Christmas, Matt told me that he ‘loved’ me,” Tiffany says. “It was odd, but with all the flirting going on, I just brushed it off.”

Text message between Matt Baier (gray background) and Tiffany Basset (blue background)_Matt tells Tiffany he loves her!

Tiffany explains that things took an alleged dark turn, when the pair finally met in person.

“Two o’clock in the morning, Matt comes into my room, supposedly to pick up some souvenirs, left on the table,” Tiffany begins. “He just wakes me up, and decides that we’re going to have sex. No warning…no anything. I’m like shaking, I froze… I didn’t do anything to stop it.”

Tiffany explains that Jeff walked in on them, and Baier managed to cover the discovery — labeling the episode just, “a deep emotional conversation.” Tiffany eventually told Jeff the truth, who supposedly alleged that this was not the first time that Matt had used him to hook up with women.

“This was the second time during the weekend…the first time I absolutely went with him to the room, we totally hooked up for about 45 seconds,” Tiffany alleges. “He apologized, saying ‘oh I’m so in love with you…I have been thinking about you for so long…it’ll get better.’”

Tiffany claims that Jeff supposedly pushed her to expose Baier’s actions to production, seemingly frustrated by being used in Baier’s pickup game. He later allegedly turned on Tiffany, and now supports Baier — supposedly because Tiffany refused to “put out.”

Tiffany does not call herself a victim, and owns her part of the reality chaos.

“He’s engaged, and on national television…I never really thought this was going to happen,” Tiffany says. “I figured if I entertained it, and played around with him, sexted with him, eventually the business side would happen.”

Tiffany later traveled to film the “Being Matt,” special, and clued in Teen Mom OG producer, Kiki Malone, on what went down in Vegas.

“I told Kiki that I was taken advantage of in Vegas — not sexually assaulted — but absolutely taken advantage of mentally, and emotionally manipulated.” Tiffany alleges. 

In the photo above, Tiffany‘s filming a scene in MTV’s ,“Being Matt,” special. 

Tiffany claims that Matt soon dumped the business arrangement, after a major fallout with Jeff over other alleged side chicks. Press play below to listen to the voicemail below of Matt discussing the dissolution of the supposed business venture. He refers to Jeff as “fat boy,” in the voicemail.

The following explosive recorded phone call exposes the personal turmoil between Tiffany and Baier — and points to a mutually admitted sexual tryst. [NSFW]

Tiffany admits that she regrets the part she played in the messy drama.

“I regret the day I met Matt Baier. I believe that it’s important to expose the truth, but I regret that Amber will be hurt in the process,” Tiffany says. “I am sorry for my actions, and I look forward to putting this nightmare behind me. I tried every private avenue, including telling production, family members and friends before going public.”

Will Tiffany’s story be the final straw — or will Amber forgive and move on — again?

Teen Mom OG airs Mondays, on MTV.


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