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Amber Portwood Hints Break Up As Matt Baier Bails On #TeenMomOG Reunion After Cheating & Rape Scandal!

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Self-proclaimed “celebrity,” Matt Baier, has officially bailed on the upcoming Teen Mom OG reunion finale, after being buried by a cheating scandal, exposed by AllAboutTheTea.com. Baier’s exposed fling might have been the final straw for his MTV fiancée, Amber Portwood.

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Amber shot out a hint that the couple had finally split on Tuesday — the Twitter announced “new beginning” a clue that she had finally kicked Baier off the MTV rollercoaster.

Paramedical tattoo artist, Tiffany Basset, accused Baier of taking advantage of her during a weekend business trip in Las Vegas — even implying that one sexual episode walked a line bordering on rape.

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Baier denies any breakup, even posting a still-shot of a “Mamber” smooch from the last episode on Instagram.

Fans have been slamming Baier for days over the tawdry cheating accusations — which have been backed by scathing phone audio and text message evidence. While Amber initially defended Baier, the passionate denials have now come to a screeching halt. Amber was recently blasted for posting alleged proof of Baier’s innocence via a hyped lie detector test — the documents bashed by fans as purchased fakes.

Baier has dodged MTV accountability — but will Amber spill the whole truth at the reunion?

Do you believe that Amber and Matt have really split — or will Amber continue her vehement defense of the despised reality player?

Teen Mom OG airs Monday nights, on MTV.


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