EXCLUSIVE: #SouthernCharm Jennifer Snowden Explains Giving Court Ordered Testimony In Kathryn Dennis’ Custody Case

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Kathryn Dennis’ attitude on Monday night’s episode of Southern Charm was cold as ice towards Jennifer Snowden — and the emotional scene invited plenty of lively banter on social media. 

Jennifer had recently endured a stressful pregnancy, and her newborn son had to undergo brain surgery shortly after his birth.

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A fan blasted Jennifer — citing her involvement in the ongoing custody battle between Kathryn and Thomas Ravenel, as an excuse for Kathryn’s shocking lack of empathy directed at the new mother. 

“What this clip doesn’t show is that Jennifer was deposed,actually testified in court for Thomas against Katherine,so i would be cold too when someone who pretended to be my friend testified against me,had a big part of me losing my kids then cries to me about her child afterwards? umm no bitch cry cry away!” 

The scene with Kathryn was filmed months ago. AllAboutTheTea.com confirmed that Jennifer was subpoenaed by the court approximately two weeks ago (after filming with Kathryn), and was ordered to give a deposition in the custody case. Jennifer was legally ordered to cooperate, placed under oath, and obviously committed to the truth.  

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Jennifer addressed the belief that she was “trashing” Kathryn, and assured  fans that she genuinely cares about the sad circumstances surrounding the reality star’s separation from her children. 

“I do care she lost her kids. I care a lot. And I can’t imagine what that feels like,” Jennifer informs AllAboutTheTea.com “But again, she made those choices and if I’m subpoenaed by a lawyer to answer questions, I don’t have a choice in the matter of going or not going. And you are under oath so at that point you can no longer defend or protect someone. You have to answer the questions truthfully.” 

Jennifer confirmed the core details — but declined to further comment on the case. 


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