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Exclusive: #SouthernCharm Kathryn Dennis SNAPS at Producer For Filming Jennifer Snowden’s Baby Crisis Instead Of Kathryn’s Cold Attack!

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Jennifer Snowden and Kathryn Dennis will hash out their on-again off-again friendship on tonight’s episode of Southern Charm. A preview clip reveals the ladies meeting up for a chat — and Kathryn’s attitude translates as cold as ice.

AllAboutTheTea.com spoke to Jennifer  who explained the real backstory behind the disturbing clip. The reality mom revealed that the real drama was left on the cutting room floor. Jennifer said that she was “crushed and appalled” by how the meeting crashed and burned.

“I thought we were there to catch up, and that would include me telling her about my baby, but she didn’t want that to be ANY part of this clip,” Jennifer informs AllAboutTheTea.com. “Her intention was to make me look bad, not that she cared about me or my child for one second. She’s as cold as they come, sadly.”

Jennifer clarified that Kathryn’s motive for filming the scene did not pay off — triggering the troubled reality star to melt down in a histrionic tantrum.

“I’ve watched tonight’s episode and the footage doesn’t show her storming away from the table, smoking a cigarette, once I started crying,” Jennifer tells AllAboutTheTea.com. “She was loudly screaming at our producer in front of a courtyard of people, saying that she, ‘wasn’t there to film her [Jennifer] storyline — about her baby.’”

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Fans know that Jennifer had recently emerged from a nightmare, after her baby boy was diagnosed with a brain encephalocele, 15 weeks into her pregnancy. Baby Ascher was born in September, and endured a harrowing brain surgery shortly after his birth. Kathryn labeled Jennifer’s real-life horror a Bravo “storyline” — a shocking characterization.

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Jennifer explained that accepting a handkerchief from Thomas Ravenel during the reunion was a deal-breaker for Kathryn — and that she was out to blast the innocent gesture. Jennifer also noted that Kathryn disturbed the surrounding restaurant patrons — including a duo who extended a hand to her, in the middle of the dramatic scene. 

Kathryn was there to film about herself and how I supposedly turned on her by accepting the handkerchief. I was crushed and appalled,” Jennifer explains to AllAboutTheTea.com. “So were the mom and daughter sitting behind us at the restaurant. So much so, that they handed me their cocktails.”

Watch a sneak peek of the disturbing exchange above and tune into Southern Charm tonight — with your eyes wide open at 9:00 p.m. ET on Bravo.


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