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EXCLUSIVE: Kathryn Dennis Spreads Vicious LIES About the Paternity of Jennifer Snowden’s Baby — Jennifer Plans Legal Action! #SouthernCharm

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Southern Charm has never lacked drama on or off camera. This season is no different.

You may remember Jennifer Snowden, a friend of the Charmed Ones, supported Kathryn Dennis last season, saying Thomas Ravenel was being too hard on Kathryn, and the entire cast denounced her for siding with Thomas’s ex.

When the 35-year-old Charleston realtor became pregnant, she knew her child would have brain Encephalocele. Jennifer gave birth on September 12, 2016 — James Ascher was delivered by elective C-section at 7:15 a.m.

Jennifer Snowden and baby Ascher

At the season three reunion, the Southern Charm cast supported her choice to have little James Ascher. But now a ridiculous rumor (Thomas may be the father of Jennifer’s baby) is making its rounds. Jennifer has stated who the father is — her long-time boyfriend, LeeJennifer and Lee (pictured below) have known each other for ten years.

Instead of supporting Jennifer with the truth — Kathryn perpetuated the false rumor in a recent interview (the article is so disgusting we can’t link it here). Kathryn claims she was exhausted from all of the rumors and feels she and Jennifer can not repair their friendship.

Jennifer responded to the article’s allegations — blasting Kathryn Dennis for her ongoing drug use and the publication for publishing LIES, “Wow this entire story is an absolute lie. KD you seriously need 2 lay off the drugs. How much were you paid to make this up? Desperate sicko,” Snowden tweeted along with a Pinocchio emoji.

A Charleston source spoke exclusively with AllAboutTheTea.com regarding Kathryn‘s latest lie about the new mother.

“How dare Kathryn make up straight lies about a woman struggling with a baby. Jennifer was saddened that she [Kathryn] CHOSE to add fuel to the fire instead of debunking the nasty rumors.”

And what brought about this betrayal? Kathryn maintains that she was not invited to Jennifer’s baby shower in July 2016. Jennifer says she only had one baby shower thrown by her girlfriends. Filming had not started for season four but she did invite everyone from the Southern Charm cast — including Kathryn, despite Dennis’ claims. However, Kathryn was in a California rehab at the time. Our local Charleston source dished on the specifics to AllAboutTheTea.com.

Kathryn‘s mom called to tell Jennifer she’d received the invitation [to the July baby shower] but Kathryn wouldn’t make it. She then sent a maternity dress as a gift. Her mom is really sweet.”

Once filming started, and after Ascher was born, Jennifer had a sip and see in September 2016.

Jennifer did not invite her [Kathryn] to the sip & see in September because by that point Jenn had reached out to her for months with no response.  And in spite of her bad mouthing Jenn while away at rehab — for no reason — other than she was still pissed about the reunion.” The source tells AllAboutTheTea.com exclusively.

We’re told Kathryn treated her former friend horribly during her high risk pregnancy.

“I’d like to point out that Kathryn did all this to Jenn while she was pregnant. Wasn’t she [Kathryn] the one who demanded she not be stressed out by others while pregnant?”

“She [Kathryn] is a hypocrite to put it politely. Jenn texted, emailed and called her up until the day before, she entered the hospital to have Ascher. I witnessed Jenn send Kathryn emails and texts — forgiving her for what she’d done online to her. But Jenn got no response from Kathryn.”

Jennifer refuses to allow Kathryn to slander her name — her lawyer is supposedly gearing up to send Kathryn a cease and desist, a source tells AllAboutTheTea.com.

Jennifer is taking the allegations seriously and is planning legal action against Kathryn. A cease and desist is coming.” 

Jennifer took to social media to air out Kathryn‘s out-of-control drug habit — which Jennifer claims Kathryn still has not dealt with.

Some of Jennifer‘s Southern Charm co-stars came to her defense — Naomie Olindo and Elizabeth Madison tweeted. Elizabeth posted, “Please tell me nobody believes this story. Omg – it’s laughable.” 

We’re told, Kathryn does not have many supporters left — she’s burned her bridges with everyone. No one from this group has her back.

Even former Southern CharmerCooper Ray is backing up Jennifer’s claims.

I guess if Kathryn doesn’t have a major role this season on Southern Charm, she’ll make one for herself off camera. Tell us what you think. Sound off in the comments below.


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