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Exclusive: #SouthernCharm The Shocking Truth Behind Kathryn Dennis’ Hatred of Landon Clements Revealed!

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Southern Charm viewers know that Landon Clements and Kathryn Dennis stand in opposite corners of the Charleston reality scene. Fans use social media to tirelessly debate the appeal of the two ladies duking it out for the heart of leading man, Thomas Ravenel.

Kathryn came out swinging last season, accusing Landon of stealing her man — but few know what first triggered the bad blood between the two lady Charmers. 

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A local source has come forward to expose how a budding friendship turned sour — and it all began with an attempted fashion fleece. 

“Kathryn was once obsessed with Landon,” the source dished. “Landon initially made an effort to be Kathryn’s friend, and even decided to hook Kathryn up with a designer friend.”

The insider shared that the designer loaned Kathryn a collection of clothes to wear — as a way to promote a line, via a young, pretty Bravoleb. The clothing was loaned to Kathryn, and it was made clear that the collection was to be returned. Evidently, few knew at the time that Kathryn’s fingers were sticky ones.

Kathryn never returned the clothes,” the source continued. “The designer was forced to threaten legal action, and eventually leaned on Kathryn hard, with written legal warnings. Kathryn eventually coughed up the cash, to pay for all of the clothes.”

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The insider claims that the messy mishap is what caused the initial fallout, and that the incident drove a wedge between Kathryn and Landon.

Kathryn blamed Landon for her own actions, and Landon was pissed, because her relationship with the designer was ruined,” explained the insider. “Kathryn then simply stopped talking to Landon. The next season, Kathryn was out for blood, whipping accusations about Landon and Thomas out of nowhere.”

Fans throw social media rocks at both ladies — but Kathryn’s integrity has been proven beyond shady, after she was busted for drugging while parenting.

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Team Kathryn and Team Landon are alive and well in the social media Bravo-sphere — but most would be surprised to learn that the team captains  were once on the same side.

Choose your team, and watch Southern Charm, Monday nights, on Bravo. 

UPDATE: Landon Clements responded to this story on Twitter to confirm AllAboutTheTea.com’s details are indeed correct and truthful, as reported. 


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