EXCLUSIVE: ‘Southern Charm’ Star Kathryn Dennis BUSTED Stealing Jewelry, Clothing & Cosmetics from Close Friend

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The third season of Southern Charm is drawing to a close, but allegations exposing Kathryn Dennis’ off-camera reality continue to surface.

AllAboutTheTea.Com recently reported that Kathryn was caught with drugs in her system, which landed her as a supervised-only parent. A new accusation has emerged, with a close friend of the Bravo-leb coming forward, accusing Kathryn of theft. Kathryn’s close pal is accusing her of being a thief, and tells a disturbing story, describing how Kathryn ripped off a trusted friend.

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The insider reached out to AllAboutTheTea.Com and outlined how Kathryn was busted, lifting goods from her home.

Kathryn stayed at my house one weekend, and decided to leave with everything that was under my bathroom sink, my $500 watch, and a gold necklace I had. She left with my makeup, and all of my Lululemon workout stuff,” the friend explained. “The reason I knew she took all of it, is that I had just moved into a new house, and nobody had even been there yet. She was the only person who had been there.”

Kathryn’s friend says that she initially thought that Kathryn possibly grabbed her things in haste, mistaking the items for her own. She was unaware at this point, that Kathryn had cleaned out under her sink. When questioned, Kathryn claimed that she may have accidentally bagged her friend’s makeup, with her own. The friend went to Kathryn’s home to retrieve it — and that is when she discovered that Kathryn had wiped out her bathroom.

Kathryn said that I could go through her makeup box to see if my stuff was there. Not only was it all there — I then started noticing things that were under my sink. The only way for her to have taken them is if she physically opened up my cabinet doors, and rifled though my things.”

The friend goes on to reveal that she then walked into Kathryn’s bedroom, and found her tags-still-on Victoria’s Secret bra — in her size — not Kathryn’s. She also continued to find her bathroom things thrown into open drawers.

“What are the chances that Kathryn owns the exact same products, with the exact same amount gone from each? It’s crazy to me.”   

The source goes on to describe Kathryn expressing plans for expensive purchases, including a breast augmentation surgery.   

“If you have money to do that, why are you stealing nail polishes, makeup, and clothes that don’t even fit you?” remarks the insider.

It appears that hanging out with Kathryn Dennis is risky — in more ways than one. Lock up your bathrooms Charleston!


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