EXCLUSIVE: Thomas Ravenel & Kathryn Dennis Custody Battle Update — Judge Seals The Case! #SouthernCharm

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AllAboutTheTea.Com has exclusively learned that the custody case between Southern Charm exes, Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis, has been sealed as of Monday, June 27.

As exclusively reported, there was a hearing scheduled on Monday, June 27, in order to finalize a custody agreement, which was originally hammered out on June 9. The slated hearing was bumped to emergency status with Judge Dana A. Morris intervening, due to Kathryn’s purported about-face on her promise to adhere to the agreement.

All aspects of the unfolding case remained a matter of public record — including Kathryn’s failed drug test until the new ruling on June 27 to seal the case.

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The duo had agreed to the custody stipulations, which landed Kathryn, 24, with supervised, and Thomas, 53, with unsupervised joint custody of Kensington, 2, and Saint, 7 months. The attorney representing Ravenel had originally requested that the case be sealed, and the judge refused, citing the ex-couple’s decision to expose their children on a reality show.

Kensie-and-St.-JulienKensington, 2, and Saint, 7 month

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The following custody conditions were established in the June 9th consent order, drawn up by their attorneys and mutually agreed on by Thomas and Kathryn. 

  • Thomas was granted unsupervised joint custody of the two children, Kensington and St. Julien.
  • Kathryn was granted supervised joint custody — Thomas agreed to allow Kathryn’s parents to supervise her time with the children.
  • Custody will be split 50/50, with each parent alternating a week of custody. 
  • No drug use will be permitted.  
  • No paramours are allowed between certain hours in the home of either parent.
  • No abuse of prescription drugs will be permitted. 
  • No drinking alcohol is allowed.
  • Each parent MUST refrain from any alcohol or drug use, 12 hours prior to picking up the children for their designated week of custody.

Ravenel had expressed frustration at the judge’s decision to allow the case to remain open, citing concern for both Kathryn and the children. Kathryn has maintained social media silence since June 17. Just days after filming the Southern Charm Season 3 reunion on June 14 — where host, Andy Cohen, grilled her about the failed drug test.

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AllAboutTheTea.Com was informed that Kathryn apparently caved to public pressure to get help for her alleged drug addiction, and that factor played a part in shutting down public access to the court case.

Thomas Ravenel talks custody battle with Kathryn in April (before court in June)

Thomas has custody of his children this week and posted sweet photos of their time together.




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