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#SouthernCharm Kathryn Dennis Vents To Craig Conover Amid Struggling With Supervised Visitation of Her Kids!

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Sad consequences mix with romantic promise on tonight’s episode of Southern Charm. Custody drama collides with a possible new start for Thomas Ravenel, as the Charleston hit rolls on.

A preview clip of tonight’s episode reveals Kathryn Dennis complaining to Craig Conover about logistics surrounding the supervised visitation arrangement with Thomas, the father of her two children. 

“When we get the kids from his house, he won’t let us into his gate,” Kathryn complains. “It’s sad.”

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As reported, Kathryn failed a court ordered drug test last June, which changed the entire custody picture, landing Thomas in the parental driver’s seat. Kathryn and Thomas’ public custody case was eventually sealed, and until now, Thomas has remained silent about what unfolded after the final episodes of the Bravo hit aired.

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In another snippet, Whitney attempts to get to the bottom of why Landon appeared reluctant to pursue a romance with Thomas.

“It’s too much drama,” Landon replies, when asked what “turns her off” about a relationship with Thomas.

Catch up with the crew from Charleston, on Southern Charm tonight at 9:00 p.m. ET on Bravo.


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