#SouthernCharm Season 4 Trailer — Kathryn Dennis’ Drug Scandal Explodes! [VIDEO]

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Come on in and stay awhile y’all! Southern Charm is returning Monday,  April 3rd — the anxiously awaited follow to a go-round that left viewers on the edge of their seats. The trailer to an explosive Season 4 has dropped — so grab a tall glass of sweet tea, because things are about to get hot in Charleston!

Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis remain in a custody struggle — and Thomas points to an ongoing drug problem as the reason behind the turmoil.

“She knows she’ll fail,” Thomas says, referencing Kathryn’s alleged refusal to be tested. Kathryn is seen crying that she is unable to be there for her daughter, Kensie, 2.

Thomas is focused on finding a solid relationship, and Landon Clements is tagged by an outsider as his “soulmate.”

“I want to be with a woman who feels privileged to be with me,” Thomas says. Will that woman be Landon?

Fans will welcome newbie, Austen Kroll, who starts out as Shep Rose’s protege — before he decides to canoodle with one of Shep’s ladies. The love triangle only adds to the drama that follows Shep, after a visit to his doctor spins him in circles. Shep’s pal, Cameran Eubanks, reveals that she might  be ready to become a mommy.

Kathryn is seeking to rebuild friendships, and tries to figure out where she stands with Jennifer Snowden.

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The new Craig continues to butt heads with the old one, as his confused career path continues. Craig squabbles over his boomerang ambitions with his girlfriend — the very frustrated Naomi Olindo — and continues to tangle with Shep.

“I’m not at Shep because he’s a drunk asshole,” Craig says, which triggers an angry Shep to fire back, “You mess with the bull, you get the f–king horns, son!”

Danni Baird will experience a scary moment this season, when she passes out after getting into it with Craig.

The drama is fixin’ to take off in Charleston! Don’t miss the season premiere, Monday, April 3rd on Bravo.


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