Troubled Kathryn Dennis Attacks Pregnant Jennifer Snowden During Her High-Risk Pregnancy #SouthernCharm

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Kathryn Dennis is back to her old tricks — slamming her Southern Charm co-stars on social media.

Jennifer Snowden was smacked with a dose of Kathryn’s wrath — but the blow was delivered during a tender time — because Snowden is set to deliver her first child in September. Jennifer announced in April that her unborn child was facing challenges, surely making her first pregnancy a stressful one.

A fan reached out to Dennis, who responded by by slamming Jennifer and the father of her two children, Thomas Ravenel.

Ravenel and Snowden maintain that they had a brief fling during a period when Thomas and Kathryn were not together. Kathryn later called the confession a lie.

Kathryn Dennis deleted tweets_Southern Charm

Kathryn Dennis deleted tweets_Southern Charm

Kathryn laid into Snowden, accusing her of hitching herself to the leading train wreck, for a spot on Southern Charm.

Snowden, currently in her third trimester with a little boy — already named James  refuted the claim and responded with disappointment.

A fan weighed in with some advice, and Jennifer clarified her position.

Jennifer received an outpouring of sympathetic fan-love, with many viewers  supporting the mom-to-be.

Jennifer continues to keep her followers updated on the hopeful condition of her sweet babe, posting two updates, Thursday and Friday.

Kathryn demanded sympathetic understanding during her pregnancies — but coldly lashed out at another new mom, facing a far more emotionally challenging scenario.

Kathryn is supposedly seeking to move forward, but is clearly stuck in the past. It looks like Jennifer’s focus has outgrown a certain Charmer, and is headed in a far more precious direction.


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