#SouthernCharm Thomas Ravenel & Kathryn Dennis Twitter Fight Amid Custody Bombshell Giving Thomas Full Custody!

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Southern Charm is only in the filming stage, but it was like the crazy days of last season on Wednesday, as co-stars, Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis, swapped Twitter barbs like exes who have not yet settled the score. 

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Kathryn got the party started, giving a nod to her Valentine’s Day as a single woman. Thomas couldn’t resist dashing off a comment, and the snippy game was on.

Kathryn pointed to Thomas’ alleged canoodle with co-charmers, Landon Clements and Jennifer Snowden, in a comeback jab at her ex-lover.   

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A couple of followers scolded Thomas for stepping out of line with the mother of his children — and Thomas fired back.

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The exchange comes on the heels of Thomas confirming that he maintains  full custody of the couple’s two children. He also revealed that Kathryn had not been awarded any visitation rights. The children are thriving with their father — and Thomas calls the shots when it comes to determining any time spent with their mother.

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The next season of Southern Charm sits on the horizon — but Thomas and Kathryn sure know how to work a social media preview! 

Filming for the fourth season of Southern Charm is underway.


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