Thomas Ravanel Prepares To Gain Full Custody Amid Kathryn Dennis’ Rehab Drama #SouthernCharm

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Thomas Ravenel is a proud daddy, and appears poised to full-time parent. The Southern Charm star has been sharing precious moments with his kiddos, Kensie, 2, and Saint, 9 months, on social media. 

Kathryn Dennis — Ravenel’s reality co-star and ex, was busted with drugs in her system on June 9 — instantly changing the 24-year-old’s reality. Thomas, 53, won joint custody of their children, basking in time spent with his kids after being shut out of their lives for three months. Kathryn fled to California about three weeks ago, allegedly forced into treatment for addiction, presumably to improve her standing with the court.

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Kathryn reemerged on social media about a week ago, posting a photo of a shirtless guy in a parking lot of a cheap hotel. A snitch dished that Kathryn had left treatment, and chose to abandon her recovery. She continues to post west coast pics — evidently unconcerned about returning home to her children in Charleston.

Meanwhile, Thomas has been busy caring for the children, recently sharing his excitement over prepping little Kensie to begin preschool.

If Kathryn remains on this path, Thomas will be in position to petition the court for full custody, based on Kathryn’s actions. Kathryn could even potentially lose all rights to her kids, if she doesn’t get her act together. South Carolina statute states that Thomas has grounds to seek termination of Kathryn’s parental rights if any one of several potentially applicable scenarios comes into play.  

1. Failure to remedy conditions that led to the child being removed from the home within 6 months.

2. Willfully failing to visit the child for a period of 6 months.

3. Willfully failing to support the child for a period of 6 months.

4. The parent has a diagnosable condition not likely to change within a reasonable time, including alcohol or drug addiction, mental illness, or extreme physical incapacity, and the condition make the parent unable or unlikely to provide minimally acceptable care for the child.

Thomas has expressed a desire to co-parent the children, but is Kathryn on the same page? The children are safe, loved, and well cared for —  but without their mother.

When do you think Kathryn will return home, and reunite with her children? Perhaps when Bravo cameras beckon? 


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