She’s Back! Amber Portwood Hints Return To ‘Teen Mom OG’ After Quitting Over Explosive Reunion Fight With Farrah

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Teen Mom OG star, Amber Portwood told MTV to take their job and shove it — and is now hinting MTV bought the dramatic temper tantrum.

Amber wants fans to believe that MTV not only caved — but that a spinoff might be in the works! In case you missed it — Amber’s recent hissy fit had nothing to do with money — and everything to do with “respect.”

Amber has been on a rant over MTV’s portrayal of her and her controversial boyfriend, Matt Baier, during the post-season reunion — a sit-down that escalated into violence. Amber lost her temper and slapped her co-star, Farrah Abraham, and Matt was seen throwing Farrah’s father, Michael, to the floor.

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Amber had been threatening to quit before the show aired, if she deemed the edit to be unfair. She later hysterically tweeted her exit, but almost immediately began to backpedal. Most fans believed that Amber was bluffing, and would never give up the MTV cash.

When a fan tweeted that Amber should score her own show, Amber couldn’t resist leading her on.

It’s become more than obvious that Amber is all bark and no bite — and that the reality veteran won’t be going anywhere. Matt will certainly be relieved.

Who believes that Amber and Matt could carry a spinoff — or that MTV has even considered it?


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