Simon Saran Responds To Amber Portwood Quitting #TeenMomOG With EPIC Shade ‘Does MTV Provide Unemployment Benefits?’

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Amber Portwood is rocking a “take this job and shove it” attitude, and Teen Mom OG side-player, Simon Saran, is loving it.

Amber has been ranting and raving against MTV on social media, bellowing that she has sacrificed much — and received only “disrespect” in return.

Is “respect” a code word for a higher paycheck? Amber says no.

While viewers have had mixed reactions to Amber’s hissy fit, it was a comedic gift to Farrah Abraham’s on-and-off-again boyfriend, Simon Saran.

Simon gave a snarky tongue-in-cheek nod to Teen Mom executive producer, Morgan Freeman.

Simon tweeted a prediction of Amber’s next move — joining a viewer chorus of those who believe that Amber is bluffing.

Simon has been criticized for publicly slamming Amber, as well as her controversial boyfriend, Matt Baier. His association with Farrah Abraham has also invited backlash from MTV fans.

Simon nailed a familiar complaint — voicing a common viewer opinion about several Teen Mom personalities.

Do you believe that Amber will follow through on her threat to walk? Stay tuned!


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