Jacqueline Laurita and Siggy Flicker Join Forces For Kim D’s Fashion Show After Major Blowout!

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Jacqueline Laurita and Siggy Flicker Join Forces For Kim D’s Fashion Show After Major Feud

All is well between Real Housewives of New Jersey co-stars, Jacqueline Laurita and Siggy Flicker, after a post-reunion feud threatened to bust up their friendship for good.

The pair reunited at Kim Depaola’s fashion show Tuesday night, and cleared up what the duo now calls “a misunderstanding.”

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Jacqueline reiterated that she never believed that she was fighting with Siggy.

“We just hadn’t talked and she assumed we were fighting, and we weren’t fighting,” Jaqueline told OMJ. “We came off the reunion and I was just going about my life. I was just busy, and she hadn’t called me, and I kinda got offended that she hadn’t called to check up on me, but then I hadn’t called to check up on her either.”

Siggy went on record earlier in the month, stating that she cared nothing about the friendship struggle between Jacqueline and Teresa Giudice — seemingly ditching Jacqueline on her way to the foot of Teresa’s throne. While Siggy raised viewer doubts about her reality motives, along with her “relationship” expertise, she claims that she never wavered from her love for Jacqueline.

“I didn’t really understand what was going on. It was just big misunderstanding. After you’re done doing something like this, you’re exhausted and mentally drained,” Siggy explained. “You know when you feel like somebody is mad at you and you’re like ‘what did I do wrong’ and you talk yourself into getting upset.”

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Siggy blasted her ricocheting “upset” all over the internet — but is now backpedaling hard.

“I went to three funerals last week, and after that I said life is too short and I want to call up Jacqueline and I just want to clear the air,” Siggy revealed, referencing a 3-hour Thanksgiving phone call with Jacqueline.

“That showed me that she cared about the friendship, because she reached out and was very sweet,” Jacqueline added. “There isn’t really a reason for me to be mad. It was just a misunderstanding. I was happy she called.”

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Siggy shared that the duo chatted about everything from plastic surgery to  dieting, describing the marathon holiday call as “a great conversation.”

Do you think Teresa would agree? 


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