Jacqueline Laurita and Siggy Flicker End Their Heated Feud After Three-Hour Phone Call On Thanksgiving — Get Details Here!

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Jacqueline Laurita and Real Housewives of New Jersey co-star, Siggy Flicker, have mended fences, their issues hashed out during a three hour Thanksgiving convo.

Siggy quietly admitted that she did indeed make the first move, despite being the most deafening bellyacher, during the brief feud.

Jacqueline Laurita revealed that Siggy reached out after two weeks of tension, stemming from Siggy’s decision to side with Teresa Giudice, in a post-season world. Siggy came clean, admitting that her desire for a healed relationship between Teresa and Jacqueline was a performance, copping to a core allegiance to Teresa Giudice. Jacqueline confessed to being disappointed by her friend’s dodgy motives, but also pointed out that Siggy’s knee-jerk venom was a dramatic overreaction to her post-reunion silence.

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Fans chimed in, most pleased that the duo was back to normal.

Interestingly, Siggy did not retweet Jacqueline’s happy announcement, perhaps hoping to downplay her ricocheting social media retorts.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is on hiatus, but fans know that Bravo is all about Teresa Giudice — how do you think the cast “relationship expert” will juggle both sides?   


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