Siggy Flicker Drops FAKE ‘Relationship Expert’ Act & Ditches Jacqueline Laurita For Reality TV Fame with Teresa Giudice After Reunion

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Siggy Flicker has officially dropped the transparent act that defined her rookie season on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Siggy hawked a mission of peace and love, and while droves of fans nailed her as fake as her  resume, she towed the Bravo line until the bitter end — until now. 

Siggy was brought onto the show by Jacqueline Laurita — but has solidly  determined that panting after remorseless felon, Teresa Giudice, is her key to reality success. Siggy gave an interview yesterday, and soundly turned on Jacqueline, dropping her monotonous message of peace, love and Jersey harmony. Will the real Siggy Flicker please (quietly) stand up?

Siggy entered the picture, presenting herself as a “relationship expert.” She wrote early in the season about the feud between Jacqueline and Teresa,

“I love them both dearly and want nothing more than for the two of them to get back to the friendship they once had.”

Siggy was nothing more than a clunky thespian, trying to pinpoint what direction would boost her budding reality career.

“It’s heartbreaking to see relationships not getting back to where and what they used to be…” Siggy gushed on her Bravo blog.

On Saturday, Siggy hammered the ex-friendship in an interview, she said:

“Not to sound mean, but I don’t care about Teresa and Jacqueline’s friendship enough to give a f*ck about picking sides and teams.”

Bravo Siggy wrote, “It was my mission in joining RHONJ to use my skills to bring unity back to the ladies.” Another puke-provoking blog entry reads “I really hope that all of the struggling relationships on the show can be mended; it’s so sad to watch families and long-lasting friendships fall apart.”

Today Siggy snaps,

“I don’t care that they [Jacqueline and Teresa] hate each other.”

Siggy blathered endlessly during the season about how much she loved her “work.”

“I love relationships so much, I made them my living!” Siggy wrote in her blog — reiterating a few weeks later. “Never before in my life have I ever wished I wasn’t a relationship expert. I LOVE WHAT I DO!”

The post-season has evidently crushed Siggy’s life’s passion, because now she nastily reveals,

“I don’t have a relationship with Jacqueline anymore, but I tried my best to defend her for 18 episodes. Teresa and the people I’m closest to in my life know, and they say thank God you don’t need that in your life. It’s like a blessing.”

Later in the interview, Siggy admits that she doesn’t know for sure — but believes that “They aren’t happy that I like Teresa and I’m friends with her.”

Jacqueline is evidently multiplying — the Bravo veteran cryptically promoted to “they” status.

On October 10th Siggy wrote,

“The ladies and I have a pact: Teresa and Melissa won’t talk about Jacqueline in my presence, and Jacqueline won’t talk about Teresa or Melissa around me. I respect them and love them ALL too much to tolerate anything being said about any of them.”

That pact is a crock — as is obviously the “love” — now charmingly replaced by the F-bomb.

“After the reunion, I had two choices to call Jacqueline and ask her what’s going on but I said f*ck it. I’ve had 18 episodes of having this girl’s back if she has an issue with me so let it be,” Siggy rants, responding to Jacqueline’s post-reunion silence.

In her October 3rd blog, Siggy emotionally stated,

“I think one of the reasons I’ve been so successful in my career helping others is that I’m an extremely empathetic person, hence, all the tears; I’m very in tune with other people’s feelings.”

Siggy’s empathy skills have obviously expired — along with a season that proved to be an epic failure.   

“I don’t know what I did to her. For 18 episodes I’ve had her back, and I don’t know what I did to her. I don’t know what goes on in her head, but I don’t give a shit because I can sleep at the end of the night.”

Let’s get down to the real deal. Siggy admits that Jacqueline gave her incessant bleating a Bravo voice — but Jacqueline has been replaced by a new love in her life. Teresa is Siggy’s new everything. Siggy is well aware that Teresa will be the one to deliver a butt pat in her favor, to Andy Cohen.        

“When I met Teresa, I fell in love with her. There’s nothing not to fall in love with. And Teresa’s always been nice to me; she’s just easy to be with,” Siggy gushes, even noting their bestie similarities. “I’m a lot like Teresa I don’t think before I speak.”

Siggy gave us a glimpse of wishy-washy foreshadowing, when she wrote during the season, “Life is too fragile not to be true to you, and I’m not changing ONE BIT for anyone or any television show.”

The jig is up. The criminal diva succeeded in exposing the “true” Siggy. The reality airhorn even admits her own fakery in the jumbled interview.

“I know I come across as a flip-flopper, two-faced, phony but I’d rather be that than other names,” Siggy flatly admits, noting that she expects to be labeled “two-faced.”

Siggy once preached, “In true friendships it’s comforting to know you can agree to disagree” — but that was before Teresa beckoned Siggy to the dark side with her inmate charm.

You don’t need to be an expert to know that Teresa calls the shots. Siggy has clumsily busted herself — a sellout exposed by her own thirst for reality fame. 


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