‘Southern Charm’ Coke Mom Kathryn Dennis Explodes Over Thomas Ravenel’s Thanksgiving Video With New Love Interest

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Kathryn Dennis is selling herself as a brand new woman.

After a drug-fueled crash and burn, lost custody of her two kids, and a brief stint in runaway rehab, the Southern Charm wreck is back in mommy mode. In fact, Kathryn is so squeaky clean that she is now calling out her ex lover/father of her children, Thomas Ravenel, for exposing them to wine during their afternoon Thanksgiving dinner. 

Wine was spotted on the table, where Thomas, his daughter, Kensie, 2, his sister, the children’s nanny (out of frame), and a young woman rumored to be the nanny’s daughter are celebrating the holiday. The alleged daughter of the nanny is seen holding Thomas and Kathryn’s youngest, 1-year-old Saint, on her lap.

As reported, Thomas and Kathryn’s joint custody agreement states that no alcohol can be consumed by either parent, during their time with the kids. There is no evidence in the video that Thomas was drinking — none. The notion that Thomas violated the terms of the agreement, is nothing more than gossipy heresay.

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Kathryn shaded Thomas’ video hard on Twitter — writing “cheers to compliance,” obviously implying that he was in violation of the judge’s orders. Viewers chimed in to Kathryn’s self-righteous stance — many noting that it might be wise to look in the mirror, before she preaches on social media.



Thomas’ sister was filmed toasting to “a new journey,” perhaps nodding to a possible new Ravenel love interest entering the picture. Was that eyebrow-raiser the true reason for Kathryn’s rant? Such a development would have indeed triggered the “old” Kathryn.    

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What do you think is going on with T-Rav and Kathryn — new beginnings or the same old story?


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