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Kathryn Dennis Is Back In Charleston & Her Kids Are Not Her Priority! #SouthernCharm

All About the Tea_ Kathryn Dennis Is Back In Charleston

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All About the Tea_ Kathryn Dennis Is Back In Charleston

Kathryn Dennis is back in Charleston — the rehab drop out has ditched the West Coast and is back in the public eye.

The wandering Southern Charm diva is back from California, after submitting to treatment, later fleeing the facility, and linking herself to a shady new guy. The young mother left Charleston with her young kiddos on her mind — but she has yet to mention Kensie, 2, or Saint, 9 months, since she returned home from Malibu. Her kids haven’t been on her radar for weeks, and her August 11 homecoming announcement reveals her true obsession — herself!

“Well……..I am officially back on the east coast and back in my #Charleston! It’s been a crazy year but I’m more me than I’ve ever been. Some of the most difficult roads lead us to the most beautiful destinations oh and so very proud to say that my body is NOT photoshopped.”

So what’s new with the reality star, other than being “more me than I’ve ever been?” Kathryn is posting fashion pics — striking a pose and flaunting her bod, while putting her stamp of approval on some choice products. It appears that endorsing sunglasses, and a hair tool was first on her to-do list.

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Soo these sunnies are fabulous! 🌸 courtesy of @diffeyewear–my new pair is no joke my new favorite pair–and that's a pretty lucky award for me to give 😋 These are sturdy and actually extremely comfortable to wear. Um? How long has it been since I've said that? Mhmm so moving on, the best part about all of this goodness that I've found is that for every one pair that is sold they will DONATE a pair to someone in need, through their partner charity @EyesofAfrica. Gotta love a brand that gives love. That's how ya get it ya know 😉 I've always said, "If you put good vibes out there vibes, your putting them there to come back to you." PS #LoveIsTheNewBlack 😋 kidding but not really because trust me, love is way, way more fun so join #themovement and browse diffeyewear.com. And from me to you, KATHRYN25 will get you 25% off 💙🔑🌎 #southerncharm #charity #diffeyewear #summerdays #charlestonsmostcharming

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Kathryn’s ex and father of her children, Thomas Ravenel, is showing off a  new pair of “sunnies” too — modeled by his adorable daughter, Kensie. Kensie’s future is lookin’ bright, as the proud daddy helps his little girl  prepare to start preschool. 


A failed drug test linked to a custody battle landed Kathryn in her restarted public story. A crash and burn ending to her reality season, a dose of forced rehab, an early escape — now it’s back to the self-absorbed grind. The Ravenel kids won, landing with the stable parent — but when will Kathryn resume her role as their mother? 


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