Shocking Cover Up! ‘RHONJ’ Removes Teresa Giudice’s Ford Slam From Future Reunion Episodes After Major Backlash

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Viewers have been buzzing about Bravo covering the tracks of their favorite felon, after Teresa Giudice blurted out too much truth during The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 7 Reunion part one.

Viewers are reporting that RHONJ editors have been working overtime, removing a verbal slam against  advertising giant, Ford Motor Company.

Teresa was firing back, after being criticized for scoring a $100k Lexus SUV straight out of prison — despite being broke and buried in debt. Below is the unedited footage from RHONJ Reunion part one with the ‘Ford,’ before it was removed from future television airings.

Andy Cohen suggested that driving a Ford might be a better option for any cash-strapped jailbird, and Teresa snapped back with “Would you drive a Ford?”  A luxury lease was a must — and millions of middle class viewers, along with one mega-advertiser, were immediately insulted.

The social media backlash was real, and both Teresa and Bravo had to backtrack to bandage another one of Teresa’s blunders.

Teresa launched a contrived apology on Instagram, even touting her rental Ford’s “nifty” features, in a post clearly composed by a rep.


Viewers across the internet report that repeat airings of the episode reveal that Bravo has edited out any mention of the bashed auto giant. Bravo/NBC has to answer to their sponsors — by covering the damage done by their criminal darling’s unfiltered mouth.

New Jersey reality is now behind us, but Bravo continues to scramble and cover for the “reinvented” star of the franchise — the all-too-familiar, Teresa Giudice.   


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