Damage Control? Teresa Giudice Backpedals On Slamming Ford Vehicles After Harsh Backlash

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Teresa Giudice is backtracking from a revealing comment blurted during the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion — and is receiving plenty of feedback. Teresa took an indirect jab at the little people — aka people who choose to drive Fords, implying that such humble vehicles are way beneath her diva standards. Teresa was being pressed about scoring a $90k Lexus upon her prison release, while she was drowning in millions of dollars in debt. Andy Cohen challenged the obnoxious move, and she snapped back with the stupid, yet honest, remark.

“Would YOU drive a Ford?” Teresa snarked at Andy, somehow equating them as financial equals. Fans will remember Teresa demanding a freshly built mansion, because “used homes” were deemed gross — back in her pre-convicted days.

Teresa was evidently reminded by Bravo and her lawyer that she had been reinvented, so she came to her senses. The reality felon made amends via Instagram, posing in a rental car—a dreaded Ford. Teresa slapped on a forced smile in the driver’s seat, and launched her frantic apology.

“As I was traveling in Florida this week I had the pleasure of renting a Ford, it was a great car. Pretty nifty how it shows you how many miles you have till the tank is empty!” Teresa gushed. “I’m always driving mine to the last drop & wondering if I’m going to run out of gas! ????again we own Fords, they are great cars. Sometimes my delivery comes off wrong, I shouldn’t have said it like that and I’m sorry. #iloveddrivingaford


Viewers came out of the Instagram woodwork to sound off in response to the phony backpedal — and many blasted Teresa’s obvious attempt at damage control. 

“She doesn’t have money. She was out of jail for FRAUDING the system and she bought a Lexus because she can’t bear driving a ford. That’s why Andy told her, if I owed money yes I would drive a Ford.”

“No shes not sorry, she’s just saying what it takes to get the public off her back she’s still a liar now thief.”

“Your delivery was exactly what you meant. Your just lying again like you always do!!!!”

“Always back pedaling, people buy what they can afford it keeps them from fraud and prison. I wish u nothing but the best but just shut up already.”

“This doesn’t make up for the totally inappropriate and ignorant comment you made about Ford cars. You sounded shallow and stupid.”

Hey FORD — Teresa likes you, she REALLY likes you! A new Teresa is never too proud to identify with her fanbase — at least when she rents.

What do you think about Teresa’s apology? Do we even know WHY she is sorry? Does she?


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