Teresa Giudices’s Lawyer Explains $90k Lexus Christmas Gift From Husband

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Teresa Giudice New Lexus Truck_RHONJ

What planet are these people from?

Teresa Giudice’s lawyer has come to the reality star’s defense after her extravagant Christmas gift causes a huge stir!

On December 23, the fallen reality star was released from federal prison into the awaiting arms of her attorney, James Leonard Jr., who whisked her off to her Montville, New Jersey home. Bravo’s convicted felon was greeted by a Christmas surprise from her husband, Joe Giudice, in the form of a Lexus SUV valued between $90,000 – $110,000. The lavish gift was Teresa’s reward for committing multiple fraud charges and serving 11.5-months in prison for it. 

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James Leonard Jr., Teresa’s attorney, gave a curt response to justify his client’s expensive gift, he explained that Joe gifted her the Lexus simply because she needs it,

“She needs a car. End of story — just like anyone else who needs a car,” Leonard told People on Thursday.

Teresa was supposed to be in prison for 15-months, but she was released four months early and was able to spend Christmas with her family. She got out of Danbury Federal Correctional Institution at 5:00 am on Wednesday.

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Giudice enjoyed a “low-key” Christmas with her four daughters and husband. However, the enjoyment is short-lived because in March 2016, Joe will start his 41-month prison sentence for fraud, the report details.

According to Leonard, Giudice fostered a special fondness for some of her fellow inmates. Reportedly, Giudice cried a lot the night before she was released. The attorney said the inmates gave his client cards with very touching messages and some of them were “tearjerkers.”


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