Betrayed! Teresa Giudice Cozies Up To Danielle Staub Amid Truce with Sister-In-Law Melissa To Avoid Enemies

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This season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey has offered a revamped cast, new storylines, and a kinder, gentler Teresa Giudice.

Teresa has even recently opened her arms to Danielle Staub, welcoming the idea of the cast villain returning to the Bravo stage. 

Danielle adored the shout-out, and most fans know how badly she wants back on the Bravo payroll.

What a difference a couple of months and one key criminal endorsement make! In July, Danielle had scathing things to say on social media about the Season 7 cast — including Teresa Giudice.

“Meanwhile Teresa continues to gain sympathy for ripping off the world and the government yet still gets glorified and a paycheck.”

Season 7 revealed Teresa and sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, starting over — emerging from their bloody feud with a recommitted sisterly devotion. All appears forgiven between Teresa and Danielle, but what about Teresa’s so-called loyalty to Melissa? Danielle has been out for blood when it comes to Melissa — so why would Teresa have no problem with her sister-in-law’s nemesis busting back onto Bravo?

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Danielle claims full credit for launching Melissa’s reality career.

“I did not play along but she wanted #fame over #family so I let Andy Cohen and producers know by sending them the emails she wrote me …” Danielle wrote, back in July. “Why else did she get cast on S3 after sitting as an extra for 2 seasons waiting for her chance …. I put her on there or she’d still be sitting begging for attention!”

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She exposed an email from Melissa, which according to Danielle, pointed to Melissa being primed and ready to spill some juicy deets about Teresa. The following tweets were posted less than three months ago.

What happened to that pact between Teresa and Melissa — broadcasted to Bravo viewers in July?

Did their commitment to family loyalty have an expiration date? Teresa has “no problem” with Danielle — but she absolutely knows that Melissa does. One viewer nailed it, on Twitter.

It looks like Teresa Giudice might be up to her old tricks! Would you like to see Danielle Staub return to the reality stage?


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