Danielle Staub SLAMS Teresa Giudice’s Post-Prison Antics “She Hasn’t Changed” #RHONJ

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Danielle Staub SLAMS Teresa Giudices Post-Prison Antics She Hasnt Changed RHONJ

Although Teresa Giudice and Danielle Staub were never really friends on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, now any hope of that is gone forever as far as Danielle is concerned.

The two haven’t spoken in six years, since Danielle was walked off RHONJ, but when it came to Teresa going to prison, Danielle developed a “soft spot” for the excon.

“The nicest thing I did was reach out through going on Billy Bush [show] and talking about people understanding that when Teresa was going away we need to be supportive of her,” Danielle told Radar.

“It didn’t mean that I was defending her, it doesn’t mean I was agreeing with her – it just meant in that moment in time I knew what it felt like to be torn at.”

All that has changed! Like many others, Danielle feels that remorse is in short stature with the future yoga trainer. “My heart went out to her, but she hasn’t done much with this lesson.”

“As far as I can tell she hasn’t changed at all,” Danielle explained. “I mean most people find God. She found yoga. Are you serious?”

Danielle said that as she watched Teresa walk off the Access Hollywood interview, leaving her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga, stunned and alone, all she had to do was answer the “fu**ing question” about husband Joe’s deportation.

“I mean walking out of an interview when she was asked a question, the viewers have the right to know, we have the right to know,” Danielle said. “Answer the f**ing question. I had to answer much more hard questions than that without Melissa sitting next to me, without anyone sitting next to me.”


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